Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Frye Babies

Sorry for the posting fail yesterday.  I was on the plane most of the day, and then when I got back the internet was out, and then I had to get up ridiculously early to go get tests run on my stomach and THEN (it doesn't end) I was knocked out most of the morning from all the sedatives.  Fun times.  But on the plus side, my Frye boots came!  And I have lots of pictures!

I love them.  I love, love, love, love LOVE them.  They are the Short Carmen Harness boots, and they are fabulous.  The finish of the leather is a little more rugged, the sassy harness and upturned toe add a cowgirl flair, the 2.5 inch heel is just enough to make you feel a little more pulled together than usual, but not so tall that it makes your feet hurt, and basically they're perfect.  I really want to wear them with little sundresses, but I left them all at school, so I couldn't take any pictures of that for you guys.  :(  Oh, and I got these from Zappos.  Which I do love, but UPS took FOREVER to get them here.  And then literally dropped them off an hour after I left for the airport to go to Oregon for the weekend.  Grrrr.

 However, I did do two outfits with my new babies.  In this first one I'm wearing a Walter jacket, 7 For All Mankind jeans (my new Gwenevere ones!), a J. Crew tank, and the Frye boots, of course.  I got the J. Crew tank for $25, and it was originally $70.  Score!  It's an olive green base with tons and tons of bronzey sequins stitched on.  It's a little big on me, but I love the heavily gilded look of it too much, I couldn't turn it down.  I paired it with the leather jacket to give it some shape, and then I think the cowboy boots give it all a rugged twist that makes it all very rock and roll, no?

 The top here is ASTARS (gifted), the necklace is F21, and the jeans are 7 For All Mankind.  I'm actually going to be dying the jeans darker sometime this week (hopefully) but I really like these boots with bare legs and a very simple outfit, because I think they can speak for themselves.

Another thing I got over the weekend?  Spanx.  Specifically this pair.  They are amazing.  I don't know how I lived without them.  I got them at Nordstrom's Rack for like $30.  They had the Spanx tights too, which are great.  Definitely go check that out if there's a store near you.

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