Friday, January 14, 2011

Burberry Pre-Fall 2011

Pretty.  PRETTY.  That's really all I can say.  I almost always love the Burberry Prorsum collections, but this one absolutely kills me.  The combination of the sumptuous, furry coats and the light maxi dresses feels so right for pre-fall.  I want to wear them all now!

I think I could stand the Boston winter much better if I had one of these coats.  That coat on the left is just so...bad ass.  The combination of the long, sweeping lines and the opulent fluffiness of the fur is gorgeous, as is the combination of textures.  That coat really is an entire outfit all on its own.  On a girlier note, this white coat is so, so chic.  The top is very military and classic Burberry, and the bottom balances out all that seriousness with light, white fur.  It's warm, it's practical, but it's still really fun and on-trend.

I love when Burberry does fun updates on their classic trench coats.  The textured, red fabric makes it feel more rich and even Russian than the usual beige cotton.  When you add the leather trim, all that Russian, eastern European luxury takes on a more modern vibe.  It's very old meets new, but it works so well.  Please make your way into my closet?  Kthanks.  I'll be honest, I'm not as sure about the fur cuffs on this second look, but I love the idea of colorblocked silk with those thigh-high stripper boots.  Really I just love the stripper boots.

I am usually not a fan of floor length or maxi anything.  They always feel too formal for me.  But Christopher Bailey has worked some serious magic here--these may be floor length, but they feel so light and easy to wear.  The obi-like, wrapped leather belts toughen up the flight and cashmere on the left and add some edge and weight to the chiffon on the right.  I love the combination of materials on the left.  Separately sequined cashmere and pleated silk, all in a beige taupe, aren't that exciting, but when you add the leather belt it just all makes so much sense.  I love the print on this second dress.  It works so well with pleated chiffon, and even though it's floor length with long sleeves, this dress still feels so light and fun because of the slight sheerness to the fabric.  Me want.

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