Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Plus a Little Milan

Somehow in the massive influx of shows from Milan Fashion Week, I missed the DSquared show. I know. I know. I'm disappointed in myself too. DSquared shows are always fantastically campy and amazingly styled and very ironic. Last year the girls carried Starbucks cups down the runway, this year evidently they had Budweiser 40s? Oh, DSquared. On a Paris note, here are a few of my favorite looks so far--I'm still mourning the loss of Olivier Theyksens at Nina Ricci, so pardon me if I seem a little less than enthusiastic about year's shows. I mean, no Olivier? Really? Really? WHY?!

Rochas, DSquared, DSquared: Rochas is in the midst of making what will hopefully be a very successful comeback. A few looks from their show were really special, like this floaty shirtdress. It's just the right amount of sheer, so it looks light and summer and you get a little of the exposed bra thing going on, but it's not so sheer that it's impractical. The juxtaposition of the buttoned-up top and flowing skirt is lovely, and the bright green belt is the perfect finishing touch. This first DSquared look is great for the styling. I mean, there's a cardigan, like two vests/anoraks, and a little leather jacket over that pair of boyfriend jean shorts. It shouldn't work, it should be ugly and bulky, but somehow it's the right mix of campy and androgynous chic. This gown has a bit of a Balmain/Nina Ricci (sob) vibe with the woven, sparkly detailing at the bodice. I love the shape, and it's just the right amount of bling for a safe, but interesting red carpet gown.

Gareth Pugh, Anne Valerie Hash, Rue du Mail: I have to be honest, I'm usually on the fence about Pugh's shows. Yes, he's fashion's little wunderkind and he's brilliant and all that, but his clothes aren't really all that wearable. At all. So it was nice to see a softer side of him as a designer this year, with lighter fabrics and softer shapes. I love the lines on this coat. It has so much volume and movement, but it's not bulky, the tie at the waist is super-flattering, and the satiny trim could make it look like a blanket, but instead it has a bit of a dreamy, fairytale quality. I want that Anne Valerie Hash blazer. It's a sparkly tuxedo jacket! Sparkly tuxedo! I have nothing else to say. If this Rue du Mail dress was all shiny pink, I'd hate it. But that panel of matte pink fabric takes this party dress from bucolic and boring to asymmetrical and interesting. It's a very sweet, girly take on the uneven draping trend for Spring.

Lost Minds University Tee, $88 at, Pencey Open Back Dress, $320 at, Madewell Braided Chain Necklace, $42 at I realize that this Pencey tee is totally cheesy, but come on, it's from the Lost Minds University. Being in college right now and being totally overwhelmed with classes and work, I want to buy this shirt and wear it 24-7, because it's so true. And tucked into a high-waisted skirt or with a pair of boyfriend jean shorts, it wouldn't be that cheesy, right? I know I've been babbling about backless dresses and long-sleeve mini-dresses forever now, but this is one of the best combinations of the two trends that I've seen. The sleeves are the perfect length, the way the backless bit wraps around to the front is so sexy, and it's even got a bit of draping going on. Hello. This Madewell necklace is such a good deal. You get mixed textures, a decent amount of chains, and the ideal below the breastbone length for less than $50. The cost per wear for this baby would be like 10 cents. Because I'd never take it off.

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