Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best. Jeans. Ever.

I've been doing too much shopping. Which is kind of a bad thing, but I'm having trouble feeling guilty about it. So I'm posting pictures of more clothes! Yay for the vicious cycle.

Monrow Panel Dress, $198 at shopbop.com, Monrow Studded Zebra V Tee, $95 at shopbop.com, LOVE YAYA Waif Dress, $187 at shopbop.com: I need to explain this dress. It's a thick, banded jersey that has some of the visual effect of an Herve Leger dress, but for about $600 less. The knee-skimming length balances out the fitted body and scoopneck perfectly, and the two zippers at the side hems adds an unexpected bit of edge. I love studs. I love v-necks. I love sheer white tees. I feel like Monrow is psychic. Do want this top. The studs have an almost necklace-like effect that's a great mix of glam and rock and roll. The thing with this tee is that it's REALLY sheer. Like different to wear in public sheer. But it's so sparkly...After some debate, I've decided that I like the print on this dress. Black and white is not my thing at all, but this has such a great aztec/geometric/tribal flair that I can stomach it. The streamlined fit is perfect for the busy print, and there's a lovely low back. This is a fantastic going out party dress for someone's who's young, fun, and trendy, but still likes a bit of polish.

Alice + Olivia Quilted Moto Jacket, $697 at shopbop.com, Felix Rey Bow Clutch, $320 at shopbop.com, Diane von Furstenberg Weekend Suede Flat Boots with Ankle Wrap, $395 at shopbop.com: I know I post a lot of little leather jackets, but this one is, one, grey, two, suede, and three, quilted. So it's special. It's actually only quilted in a few places, but still. I love the idea of doing a moto jacket in suede. It adds a nice degree of softness to such a tough style, and the dove grey hue only accentuates that. The quilting adds a bit of girly chic, and I love the cut. It's cinched in the back so you get the perfect fit when you zip it. I want to eat this clutch. Doesn't the bow look like tiny ears? Is that just me? It looks tiny, but it's actually a pretty oversized clutch, which works really nicely with the dainty styling and is super practical. These might be the perfect flat, non-equestrian boots. Again, I'm loving the suede (it's such a rich texture), and the wrap-around ankle detail makes them casual and just a little boho. These would be so great on the weekend over a dark wash pair of jeans with a slightly oversized, sheer white tee.

7 For All Mankind Dojo Stretch Jean, $155 down from $108.50 at shopbop.com: I had the best TJ Max experience of my life this weekend. The one back at home is always so picked over that every time I go I leave annoyed and empty handed, but for some reason the TJ Max is Medford is OFF THE HOOK. I got an adorable coat (pics later) and these 7 Jeans (thanks dad!). First off, they're actually this season's style, which is pretty unusual from what I know of TJ Max. Second off, they were $99. Which is a total score. They're the Dojo jeans, which I always thought looked awkward online, but OMG, these are my Holy Grail jeans. The 7 website says they're flared and wide-leg, which makes them sound like crazy '70s pants. They're straight to the knee, so they're fitted at the narrowest part of your leg, and then they go back out the match the width of your thigh with a slight wide-leg effect. The cut is insanely flattering, the wash is dark enough to be dressy but the slight distressing keeps it lowkey, and the denim is very thick and stretchy, so the jeans hold their shape well. The only thing I was worried about is the low rise, but it actually fits really well and it's not too low. If anything, the waist is a little big--but I'd take that over a muffin-top any day. Even the white 7s on the butt don't bother me. They're on sale for $108.50 at Shopbop, and I highly recommend them. I guarantee they'll make you look 10 thousand feet tall. Give or take a few inches. Did I mention that they're sweatpant comfy?

So I realize that there hasn't been a lot of makeup/beauty stuff on the blog recently (possibly due to my brokeness and distance from a MAC or Sephora) but I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Sephora and Ulta, so I promise I'll post on that soon. For the mean time, here's a quick rundown of my new fave daytime eye look. I'll do a legit post on this later. Start with Urban Decay Primer Potion, let that dry, and then cover the lid with Benefit's Creaseless Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit. Brush MAC's Wedge shadow in the crease, and line the eyes with Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Rockstar (both lashlines and the waterline). Cover the lid in MAC's cream color base in Root, and smudge some in the lower lashline, and then brush MAC's shadow in Style Snob across the lid. Then take MAC's shadow in Shale, and highlight the inner tear duct. Pat a little of MAC's shadow in Nocturnelle across the lid for a hint of purple, and then smudge Nars' shadow in Galapagos into both lashlines (a dark purple shadow would work better, but for now I'm just using the darkest shadow I own for extra definition). Finish with a coat of Max Factor's Volume Couture Waterproof mascara. It's sparkly, and the purple and brown combine to make this gorgeous smokey amethyst shade that really highlights green or hazel eyes.

I'm also teaching my roomie about what makeup is (no, really), so we're going to have some fun with that. This is what she did when I gave her blush (to be fair, she was in the middle of a Chem-induced breakdown). Hehe.

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