Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Official Fall Manicure Color

I dabble with lighter polishes (love Essie's Mademoiselle) and bright pinks, and purples (Parlez Vous OPI?), and even reds (I die for OPI's Cajun Shrimp), but at heart, I'm really a vampy polish kinda girl. Which is why I get so excited when fall rolls around. I feel mildly emo with dark polish in the middle of June, but once September hits, I'm all over it. I'm not really a fan of black polish--it's just so harsh, and it stains your nails this awkward color, so I tend towards darkened plums or reds, maybe a charcoal or a navy blue every once in a while. My current favorite is Black Cherry Chutney from OPI's Spring 2008 India collection. It's a blackened reddish purple, so it's dark but still warm, with the tiniest hint of reddish-purple shimmer. I love the shimmer because it adds a bit of glam and lightens up all that vampiness. And it's OPI, so you know it wears well. You can get it for $8 at

And I just had to throw in this shot of what might be my favorite dye job of all time. It's ombre. Her hair is ombre. NAVY BLUE OMBRE. I can't it'll even grow out nicely because the ombre's only on the bottom! Plus, you could totally do this in any color. I think the greyish navy works nicely because it's such a basic color with such a crazy hair style, but black or purple would be really nice too.

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OPI swatch:, Katie Shillingford:

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