Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Round-up #4

Fashion Month is almost over :( I think there's one more Paris round-up coming, and then a few trend analysis/beauty breakdown/random I want posts, but no more new runway coverage. I'm g0ing to have to think of new stuff to post about. Cue emotional breakdown. It's ok, I'm 90% kidding.

Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Chloe: The sea-creature hair/makeup/shoes? Not so wearable. The gorgeously ruffled mini-dress? So happening. The subdued bodice balances out that sea of ruffles perfectly (doesn't it look like the crest of a wave? I die), the fitted waist keeps the skirt from being overwhelming, and the print adds a little extra interest, especially in the way the colors poke out of the ruffles. The afros at Louis Vuitton were kinda unexpected, but that chic little dress is nothing less than I'd expect from Marc Jacobs. The thin, layered straps remind me of those kilt skirts from Balenciaga, and it's an interesting take on this season's draping trend. I love the white insert at the waist--it keeps all that extra fabric from being bulky or droopy. This look from Chloe is the perfect example of slouchy chic. The big, bathrobe-like coat is polished, but looks so comfy, and the romper (I actually thought this was a dress. I'm a little disappointed), flashes just enough leg. The belt ties it together and how cute are those shoes?! Love Chloe for doing flats.

Valentino, Valentino, Chanel: Valentino upped it's game this season (I just saw The Last Emperor, I'm having a bit of a Valentino moment). I die for this LBD. The floppy, almost abstract bow at the waist is very on-trend, the black/white color combo is very chic, the floral/lace texture adds a ton of visual interest and a bit of girliness, and I love the cutout of the black fabric at the bust (I don't know how to describe that, but it adds a lovely, organic feel to the dress). Yes, you have to be teensy to wear this grey gown, but the draping is so, so, so breathtakingly gorgeous. It has a fantastic column shape, and yet the folds on the front give it so much movement, and I love the asymmetry at the bodice. It's a very classic take on the trend. Plus you guys know I die for anything grey. As for the Chanel show, it's usually something I appreciate more than actually like, but this It was more theatrical than usual (I highly recommend checking out the video), but the clothes were more wearable. It was an aristocratic take on peasant-chic--the girls even had sheaves of wheat tucked into their updos. I love, love, love this jacket. The pleated, folded checks (like picnic tablecloth checks! So clever) make this look so visually intriguing, the high collar adds a ton of drama, and it's just such a regal, chic look. Even the belt kills me.

All Chanel: The diagonal line on this dress totally makes it. The black and white, tweedy print is very classic Chanel, as is the boucle trim, but the diagonal line down the front adds an abstract, modern element. The cut is so perfect, with the cap sleeves and jaunty skirt. WANT. It's hard to see the detail on this second dress, but it's embellished, leopardy amazingness. I like how Karl keep everything simple against the luxurious of the fabric, with just that pleated tulle trim for a girly touch. I even like the tulle wrap. Sigh. This last dress is my absolute favorite. The color palette is stark, but the lightness and movement in the skirt makes it so fresh. I love all the asymmetry, I love the layers in the skirt, I love the black across the white bodice. If this doesn't make it onto a red carpet, I'm going to die.

Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, Vanessa Bruno: This Stella McCartney look just makes me happy. I mean, there's ruffles, pleating, pink, and prints! Those are some of my favorite things (don't get even me started on Natalia Vodianova). That ruffle sleeve is just so exuberant--it's on trend, it's a little Lanvin, and it's so young and fun. The tiny print keeps the pink from being too girly, the micro length mediates all that flowy volume, and the micropleats take it to a whole other level. Giambattista Valli has an equally cute take on volume. It's a new take on the drop-waist flapper dress. The sheerness at the bodice makes it modern, and the tutu-esque skirt makes it fresh. It's such a perfect spring/summer day dress. The jackets at Vanessa Bruno absolutely killed me. Normally I'd say collarless blazers are best left to outdated pantsuits, but with a slightly exaggerated shoulder, a cropped waist, and in a neon hue, it's the perfect mix of '80s and modern. Do want. And the charcoal/magenta color combo is sick.

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