Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gossip Girl Halloween Costumes: A Great Excuse to Go Shopping

I always keep my promises, and that means Gossip Girl-themed Halloween costumes. I rounded up looks for Blair and Serena, because Vanessa's outfits are just depressing and dressing up like Jenny is essentially like dressing up as a prostitute at this point. To pull off Serena's look, the easiest way is to track down a little evening mini-dress, preferably one with sequins, some tights, and some intense tranny shoes. For Blair, I'd go with something more prim and proper, like a pencil skirt, a cardigan, and of course, some colored tights and a headband. Here are a few pics from season 3 and season 4 to refresh your memory.

Blair: Forever 21 Cameo Lace Cardigan, $19.80 at, Lace Bow Front Tank, $26 at, American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt, $32 at Blair is always very classic and elegant, but in a young, interesting way. I'd layer this cardigan over this lace tank, and tuck the tank into the pencil skirt. The pencil skirt is refined retro chic, which is right up Blair's alley, it's the perfect palette for the textures in the rest of the look, and it's an affordable wardrobe staple that I now have a legitimate excuse to buy. The lace tank is very on-trend, and wouldn't be too exposing layered under the cardigan. The lace is the perfect mix of Victorian and sexy, and the oversized bow is insanely girly preppy. Layer a cami under that and you could wear it a million other times. The cardigan plays off the Victorian vibe with the cameo buttons and lace collar, and ties the whole outfit together.

Forever 21 Opaque Tights, $5.80 at, Steve Madden Mirakle Bootie, on sale from $69.97 down from $129.95 at, Forever 21 Pleather Bow Headband, $3.80 at Blair wears colored tights like her life depends on it. These blue tights add a punch of color to the outfit without being overwhelming, and the booties add visual weight to all the light textures on top. Plus, booties are super on-trend right now, and these are one of the most affordable options I've seen. I couldn't finish a Blair outfit without a headband. I like this one because the bow is very girly, Upper East Side, but the pleather texture gives it a bit more of an urban vibe (Blair is going to NYU). As for hair and makeup, do a classic red lip, a hint of liner, and use your curling iron to create a few ringlety-waves.

Serena: Aqua Sequin Mesh-Sleeved Dress, $98 at, Forever 21 Opaque Tights, $5.80 at, Forever 21 Gladiator Heels, $26.80 at Serena's look is significantly simpler because, well, she wears less clothes. Her staple look is a party dress and killer heels. Long sleeve mini dresses are so hot right now, and this is a great excuse to buy one for less than $100! The mesh sleeves add a lot of visual interest and play into the sheer trend, the sequins are a Serena classic (that girl is attracted to sparkly objects like a magpie). The tights are practical for cold Halloween nights, and the heels are trannytastic amazingness. I would wear this outfit in a heart beat. The mix of textures makes the limited color palette so rich, and the whole ensemble clocks in at under $140. If you're not a natural blonde, I'd invest in a long, blonde wig, smoke out your eyeshadow, and go for a nude, glossy lip.

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