Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Craving, Coats, and Body-Con

This post is a little random. As in the only connecting theme is that I love everything in it. I think that counts.

Bodkin Andromeda Dress, $276 at, Bodkin Love Dress, $310 at, Bodkin Compressor Skirt, $276 at I like this Bodkin brand. They have this whole Star Trek-inspired femme fatale (am I the only one that thought the new Star Trek was kind fashion inspiring?) thing going on, and they use a lot of organic materials, which is always a plus. These three pieces hit on essential fall and spring trends. The first dress has some asymmetrical draping, dropped shoulders, and cut outs. I love the flash of skin at the shoulder--it's a very subtle way to do sexy. The second dress is the new take on a body-con mini. The geometric inlays and volume at the hips are very on trend, and it has an amazing futuristic, hot alien flight attendant vibe. All the flat detailing works perfectly with the neutral shade, and I love the convenient pockets. The skirt is the perfect high-waisted, body-con mini. First off, the price is definitely right, especially compared to Herve Leger. When compressor is in the name, you know it's going to have the same sucking in/flattering properties as the real deal, and there's a very faint geometric pattern that adds a ton of visual interest. Pair this with a drapey white tank and you are golden.

MAC Eye Kohl in Blooz, $14.50 at I want navy eyeliner. I know it sounds random. But I really like navy. It's a really fun neutral. I usually go with brown or purple eyeliner, because purple plays up the green in my hazel eyes really nicely, and brown is a good option if black seems a little harsh. But navy...I think navy might really make my eyes pop. It's more of a shot of color than purple, it makes the whites of your eyes look really white by comparison, and it's still dark enough to give definition. Naturally, I turned to MAC first. They're reliable for more unexpected colors. I dug through all their navy liner options, and Makeup Alley is telling me that the Blooz Eye Kohl is the best. It's super-smudgeable, and it's the perfect shade of blue: vibrant, but not over the top. Do want.

So on my little TJ Max field trip this weekend, I also picked up this Miss Sixty coat. Miss Sixty isn't really a label I follow, but this coat was super-adorable and only $80. It's a hounds-toothy tweed that's black and grey with a few strands of pink woven in (to match the hot pink lining!). I'm in love with it. The cut is roomy, so I can layer underneath it, but it's fitted enough at the top that it's still flattering. It has big pockets, and the double-breasted buttons give it a bit of a peacoat vibe. I really like the overall '60s, ladylike feel of the coat. It's not something I would have thought to look for, but it's sweetly retro and I love me an Ally McBeal reference.

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