Friday, October 2, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Round-up #2

Alright peeps, this is going to be short and sweet because today is going to be a little on the crazytimes side. But I couldn't let you go all weekend without hearing about Balmain and Balenciaga, so here we are. Enjoy!

All Balmain: This season Balmain is army meets cavewoman goes to the disco chic. Sounds crazy, looks fanfreakingtastic. I love the deconstructed ease of this first dress--it manages to look polished and ripped apart at the same time. This second dress shows that Balmain's long sleeve mini-dress trend from last season is still going strong, although this time around it's a little rougher, a little more post-apocalyptic princess than Studio 54 party girl. Do want. And how amazing is that boatneck sequin tee? It's the epitome of casual, sexy glamor.

Balmain, Balenciaga, Balenciaga: The Balmain jackets this season are still strong-shouldered, but with a bit more of a military bent this time around (see all those medallion-esque details?). And this might be the only time I'm ok with metallic leather pants. Balenciaga played around with leather too, in a fantastic streetwear collection that I can guarantee you will get ripped off within the month. Love the leather vest hoodie and leather jeans (leather jeans!). and the crazy shoes, and I even want a kilt now! Kilts are so cheesy, but when you do it in leather and pair it with a sheer, sporty tank, it's totally fresh and modern.

A.F. Vandervorst, Nina Ricci, Rick Owens: This first look is totally ridiculous for real life but so pretty for the runway. I love the juxtaposition of the hard silhouette underneath and the soft, Joan of Arc dress on top. It's a great play on the warrior princess trend. Nina Ricci will never be Nina Ricci for me without Olivier Theyskens, but even I have to admit that this chiffon-trimmed cardigan is pretty adorable. It's the right mix of dark and girly, and I really like how the chiffon on the cardigan falls over the skirt, which ties into the sheer trend nicely. Last but not least, I actually like something from Rick Owens! Shocker, I know. Yes, it kind looks like a silver trash bag, but it's surprisingly feminine for Rick Owens, and it moves so, so well. Very futuristic fairy princess.

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