Friday, October 23, 2009

NO WORDS. (Except for Possibly OMG)

I haven't posted (myself, Maud. Hi, remember me?) for a really long time. Like at least a month. I don't even know what the last thing I posted about was. Crazy. But I'm back. At least for the time being. I've just been so busy. College life is SO hectic (usually in the best way possible, of course). Sorry to abandon you, but I'm pretty sure Megan's been keeping you all in good company in the mean time.

But anyway, back to the main reason for this post: I JUST MET THE SARTORIALIST. Yes, the Sartorialist.
And I gotta tell you, he's short. Like really short. Like... well I'm not going to go there because I don't want to hurt his feelings. But that's besides the point. Back to the story. So. Originally I wasn't going to be able to go because I couldn't get a ride, but turns out I was able to go with a friend's sister. So bitchin. Basically once we're able to drive across town we get there and there's barely anyone there. We arrived early but not that early, like an hour and a half or so. I mean, we were expecting a huge massive gigantic line (don't worry, it came later). So we decided to hang in the food court which was right next the terrace where the book signing was being held. (Ironic, no? Fashion people by a food court) So after a certain point, the really hard core fashionistas begin to waddle in. It was so obviously easy to tell who was who, I mean most people don't get dressed up to go to the mall, even if it is the Beverly Center. Then, after my friend and I finished our baked potatoes (à la Steak & Potato) the man himself walks right by us. In the food court. Everyone who knows just how important this guy is turns to whispering. I was highlarious. I think more than anything, we were surprised at how sort he was. He was also walking with an assistant who at first we thought was Garance, but alas it was just his publicist or something.

Eventually a line began to form and we (and by that I mean my new fashanista pals. So great and funny. Who knew you could make friends with people in LA? I mean I'm an angeleno through and through but I was pretty shocked. EVERYBODY was super friendly. One guy decided that that was just the kind of crowd he draws. Sweet.) made a mad dash to be in the front. We were some of the first people to go out on the terrace and man, let me tell you, it was so chic. You could see all of Downtown and part of the basin, there were these great (albeit slightly wet) plush benches, and some of his photos postered on the walls. Yes, I just made postered a word. It's a verb now.

After waiting a pretty short time in line, all my new girl pals and I got to go up to him and he signed our copies. Oh yeah, and he pulled out a chair for us to sit in when it was our turn. He made jokes and had legitimate conversations with us and was very pleasant. When I got my photo taken, we were even cheek to cheek for a bit (!!!). We even took a group photo together afterwords and he was perfectly okay with it. His event photographer even began to take photos of us as well. So, you know, don't be surprised if I'm uber famous soon. ;-) Then we kind of just hung around, did a little body bobbing to the DJ's tunes. I actually met people I should know by now. That was weird.

I'm posting photos of my outfit (after numerous trial and error accounts) and my newly signed addition in this post and hopefull
y there are more to come if my girlies e-mail me with their shots. (I only had my phone with me. Stupid, stupid Maud!)

Random side notes:
1. Got some swag. Woo hoo!
2. Got a hair cut, just in case you were interested. Which I'm sure you're not.

P.S. I'm pretty sure this is my longest post EVER.

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