Saturday, October 31, 2009

News Flash! (aka Quick Update)

Okay, well it's nothing that exciting, but Megan and I were talking and decided we would mix it up a bit and try and make our site a little more interactive for all you lovelies out there. If you go to our Facebook page, you (and we mean all of you!) can post pictures of you or one of your fashion inspirations on our fan page. Yay! Sounds exciting, right? This is just another way for you to express yourself on the big huge gigantic interwebs/universe! (And yes, I did just make a lolcats reference, which, by the way is my main costume for Halloween. Jealous ya didn't think of it? I know.)

We know there are already a bunch of sites out there where you can post things like this, but who knows if 1) your photo will ever really be posted and 2) if anybody will actually look at it if you do get posted? Well, that's not the case here. We have our sources (I sound oh-so-mysterious, don't I?) that let us know that the majority of you babes frequent our Facebook page, so we thought we'd up the ante and give you guys the chance to really be a part of the AC world. Crazy!

So yeah, head over to our Facebook page, either by clicking the link to your left or by typing in Awkward Chic into the search bar.

Also, feel free to comment and post as many inspirations/uber chicness you can. The more the merrier!

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