Monday, October 12, 2009

The September Issue

C&C Hooded Stripe Throw, $265 at, Jeffrey Campbell Crosshatch Platform, $99.99 down from $188 at Big, warm, fuzzy, stripy sweaters? Yes, please. As much as I love cardigans and v-neck sweaters, sometimes you need to mix it up with the more graphic, asymmetrical, on-trend shape of an open sweater like this. I really love how the bold stripes call attention to the slight unevenness in the front, and the giant collar-like shapes on the front are perfectly balanced by the slim sleeves. Plus, it's a cashmere blend (snuggle!), has a hood (so it's actually practical), and while stripes can be hard to work with sometimes, the grey/black color palette makes it versatile. This would be so adorable with a pair of dark wash, slim jeans tucked into a pair of leather boots. I think everyone who reads this blog knows my penchant for tranny heels. These heels have all my requirements: platforms, architectural elements, mixed textures, the right balance between straps and open space. And did I mention that there are zippers on the back? You know I love a good zipper. And all that for less than $100.

I finally pulled myself together and saw The September Issue, and OMG, can I saw amahzing? Amahzing. It's like The Devil Wears Prada, but real. And Anna Wintour is not nearly as much of a cold-blooded shark as Miranda Priestly, in my opinion. She just has a very specific idea of what she wants. The September Issue isn't a high-budget, glamorously produced film, but it is riveting. SPOILER ALERT! How the people at Vogue talked about/photoshopped Sienna Miller was hilarious and cruel all at the same time. It makes you realize that even those glowing, it girl celebrities aren't perfect. And that meeting that Anna had with the biggest industry buyers about what they wanted to see from the designers for Fall--I had no idea that Vogue mediated between places like Neiman's and designers like Prada. Anna Wintour really is queen of the little fashion empire. But the real star of the movie was Grace Coddington. Anna's all business and sales and moving forward, and Grace is all about history and romanticism and creating fantasies around the clothes. She did one of the best spreads in the issue, this 1920's inspired shoot. I tracked down some scans from the shoot, and all the luxe fabric and lingerie detailing are still totally on-trend.

What was really sad was that this spread, which I wouldn't find a better picture of (sorry!), got cut. Even in this grainy screencap, you can see how gorgeous it is. I die.

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  1. megan you beat me too it! shame on you!

    (except for the fact that i saw it a month ago, oh welllll)



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