Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I Want to Be Wearing Right Now

I know this is kind of stating the obvious, but it's COLD here. I knew it would get cold eventually, but I was thinking December, not the middle of October. I'll bet that when it gets to the point of, like, snow, I'll be curled up on my dorm room floor wearing all the Uggs and sweaters I own at the same time. I only wish I was kidding. But for now, in the semi-coldness, if I could pull it together enough to ditch my blankets and my sweatpants, this is what I'd be wearing.

Milly Chain Cardigan, $367 at, KAIN Label Pocket Tank in Nude, $80 at, Rich & Skinny Skinny Boyfriend Jeans, $189 at This cardigan inspired the entire outfit. It's the perfect blend of classic chic and modern edge, and the woven chain trim adds a definite Chanel vibe. This is one of my favorite kinds of pieces; it's a versatile basic, but at the same time it has a bit of a unique twist. I'd put it over a loose, drapey tank like this KAIN tank, because the softness of the tee would contrast the polish of the cardigan. I also really like that the tank is off-white, because I think black on white can be a little harsh during the day. I chose these slouchy skinny jeans because, one, I can actually stand skinny jeans when they're cuffed (when they go straight down to your ankle it's like asking everyone to compare the size of your ankle to your thigh, and that's never, ever flattering on anybody). The slight distressing and loose fit are the ideal counterpoint to the femininity of the sweater--opposites attract. :)

Juicy Couture Silk Woven Chain Necklace, $158 at, Jeffrey Campbell Marley Suede Slash Booties, $148 at, Made Her Think Spike Rhinestone Studs, $44 at This necklace plays off the trim on the sweater without being too similar, and keeping it in the same color palette makes it so it doesn't compete with the cardigan. The fluidity of the ribbon against the metallic chain is a really nice contrast. Can I just talk about how much I love these shoes? This whole wedge/bootie/bondage platform combination is really working for me. You get the overall effect of the bootie, but with none of the clunkiness because of the negative space from the straps, the wedge and platform are comfy and practical, the zipper gives it a hint of edginess, and the suede adds texture. And you get all that for less than $150. Hello, steal. I like these earrings because they incorporate the gold and blackish-grey palette of the outfit, and are a nice touch of subtle bling. They add visual interest without stealing the show.

Alexander Wang Hilary Studded Leather Shopper, $900 at, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Studded Grocery Bag, $230 at Don't get me wrong, I like both of these bags. But they look...awfully similar, don't they? Like, practically identical. And I know the Alexander Wang shopper came first, and that the leather is nicer, and it has more studs, but for about $700 less, I'll take the Cynthia Vincent version. I think the polished edge of this shopper would tie this outfit together nicely, and it's a really versatile, super-practical bag for less than $250.

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