Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Organix Anti-Break Serum and More Random Shopping

I promise, this isn't just another Megan online shops too much post, there's an actual review below.

Antik Batik Aleksa Dress, $317 at, Sauce Pearl Tee, $62 at, Catherine Rapetti Double Knots Love Bracelet, $95 at I love the hippie chic vibe of this Antik Batik dress. I'd style it the same way, with '70s inspired boots. What keeps this dress from being stuck in the past in the sheer panelling on the sleeves, which keep it from being dowdy, the mini length, and the abstracted pattern on the bodice. The tie at the waist has the potential to be unflattering, but I think it adds an interesting blouson effect to the silhouette. I've never heard of Sauce, but I'm loving this tee. The asymmetrical hem detail adds visual interest when you leave it hanging out, but if you tuck it in it's just as versatile as a regular t-shirt. The fit is the perfect mix of sexy and drapey, and that loose pocket with the pearl/safety pin details is genius. It's just enough of a look to make this tee special, but not so much that you loose versatility because of it. I'm really into loose, wrapped bracelets right now, and this is a pretty chic option. The braided texture says hippie friendship bracelet, the lariat has a bit of a western vibe, and the black leather refines it all.

Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Break Serum, $6.99 at I have pretty healthy hair, but when you add in the wear and tear that comes from spending all day, every day outside in the sun, even the healthiest hair can start to take a beating. I wanted to add a serum into my routine for a little extra moisture on my dry ends and a little extra shine, and since I'm a cheapie, I started at Target. I've heard good things about the Organix line, so I just grabbed one of their serums and headed to the cash register. I mean, it was less than $7. How can it be bad?

Overall, I'm really pleased with it. It's no showstopper, but you get 4 ounces for $7, which is a really great price so I'm not complaining. It smells just like toasted coconut, which for me is a total plus, but might turn some people off because the smell is a little strong at first, but it does fade to a subtle tropical fragrance after a few minutes. The serum itself is pretty thick and a little oily (maybe it's all the coconut oil). One of the main ingredients is whipped egg whites, which kinda freaks me out, but there's nothing eggy about this serum. It adds a decent amount of shine to my hair, but I think it would do more in that department for really, really damaged hair, and it definitely makes my ends feel noticeably softer, which is really what I wanted. I apply a nickel sized amount of serum to towel-dried hair, rubbing it on my palms and then down the length of my hair starting from the top of my ears, and let my hair air dry. It does have a bunch of silicone in it, which I'm not a big fan of but it's hard to find a serum without it.

This isn't the kind of serum that's going to have strangers stopping you on the street and asking you how you do your hair. But it is a dependable workhorse of a product, something that's effective, adds softness, shine, and a lovely whiff of coconut, and that costs less than two trips to Starbucks. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase, but for the moment I'm very content to smell like a Hawaiian cocktail. I want to try the Coconut reparing mask next...

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