Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yay For Target!

So as most of you I'm sure have heard by now (or read) Rodarte is the newest designer (team really) to do a line for Target. As soon as the news broke, Megan and I instantly started texting each other and making plans on getting together over winter break to make a mad dash over to our nearest Target and buying everything from the 55 piece collection in sight. Our Target of choice just also happens to be the the Rodarte sisters' store of choice as well. I'm sure I've mentioned that before... Anyways, it is obviously going to be a collection of winter clothes and will involve items that have sequins, faux fur, and other really fun stuff. I DIEEEEE. Expect typical items like dresses, cardigans, skirts, shirts, and accessories. Don't worry. We're not going to hesitate in posting the preview pics as soon as they hit the world wide web.

And on a not so random side note, I was at Target last night shopping for more dorm stuff (I love office supplies!) and stumbled upon this adorable top. It's made out of jersey and is in a lovely bright and bold cobalt blue. It comes in other colors as well but there just wasn't anything about those that looked too great. The top looks a lot more expensive than the $15 it cost, so I would say it's a pretty good deal. It's easy to style and simple enough to wear everyday but also frilly enough to dress up. I can't find a photo online, so these will have to suffice. And I know my photos are really dark, but the one on the right is the most accurate in terms of color.

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