Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Currently Loving: One of a Kind

It's going to be a beauty week on Awkward Chic. Partially because I had a little Ulta field trip this weekend (more about that later) and partially because all I can wear to work are running shorts and tank tops, so clothes aren't really on my mind at the moment. Makeup is easier to play with on a daily basis, especially when I'm wearing sunglasses all day and can get away with a smoky purple eye. It keeps me entertained. :)

My BFFster Emily convinced me to go get a mani/pedi this weekend, and while I did something really neutral on my fingernails because that mani will last about three days at work, I had fun with my pedicure color. I've been itching to try a poppy, orange-red for about the last six months, and I finally went for it with Essie's One of a Kind polish. It's a little more subdued than the swatch on the left and a little brighter than it looks on my toes.

I really like this polish because it hits on so many trends. It's bright, so there's a bit of neon going on, it's got a little '40s inspired classic red thing going on, and it's totally summery. I'd call it 60% orange and 40% red. It's like someone turned a California Poppy into a nail polish. It livens up my pasty white feet, and it also looks good with a tan (I checked it against my arms, which practically look Italian right now), so I think it'll work with a wide range of skin tones. Plus, it's Essie, so the pigmentation and lasting power are pretty good. I'm officially calling this my perfect pedicure color.

Essie's One of a Kind polish, $8.00 at essie.com.

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