Friday, August 28, 2009

Party Dress Shopping: Budget #1

Since I'm going to be kinda AWOL for the next couple of days, I lined up a little three part series on party shopping at three different budgets. The first budget is about under $350, the second is under $750, and the third is unlimited. All of this just made me realize that I can put together some ridiculously expensive outfits in less than 5 minutes. It's a tragic skill.

LaROK Socialite Dress, $198 at I like this dress because it's affordable, it's versatile, and it's not boring. The faux tank-skirt combo could be dressed down to be really casual, but you can also accessorize it up and make it cocktail appropriate. The fact that the top is pink instead of the expected white is really fun, and makes the overall dress a little more on-trend (pink and black is so '80s). And that silhouette is spot on, which the drapier top and fitted skirt--it's flattering and comfortable.

Forever 21 Krista Rhinestone Satin Necklace, $8.80 at, Boutique 9 Uzuri 7 Heels, on sale from $89.99 down from $160 at, Fred Flare Purple Passion Faux Croc Clutch, $24 at I love this necklace. It's less than $10 (!), but it has the baroque drama of a much more expensive piece. The mixing of the shiny beads and tactile ribbon is very Lanvin, and the silhouette would be striking against the pink top. The heel on these pumps is so darn cute. They're the right mix of edgy, with the woven black straps, and sweet, with the vintagey heel. The black ties in with the necklace and skirt, but the brown softens the look. The purple in this clutch complements the pink in the dress without being matchy-matchy, and the embossed croc pattern adds visual interest without detracting from the effect of the necklace.

I think this outfit could take you a lot of places. I mean, it's great for going out or going to a cocktail party, but throw on a jacket and you can go shopping or out to lunch with the girls.

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