Friday, August 21, 2009

Christopher Kane for Topshop

Christoper Kane for Topshop. I don't think I need to explain that in much detail. It's just epic amazingness. It drops next month, it's all under $310, and it's freaking Christopher Kane. I die. Here are my top six picks (but to be honest, I like all of it. It's surprisingly wearable for Christopher Kane).

Lace Eyelet Cutout Dress, $310, One-shoulder Lace Dress, $160, Bust Cup Dress, $260: This first dress mixes soft and hard so perfectly. The taffeta is sweet and girly, but the cutouts and grommets (?) are both sexy and on-trend. This one-shouldered dress is a great take on the asymmetrical cocktail dress trend that's going on right now, but it's also a chic little LBD, so it will work long after this fall. Without the sparkly leggings. Please. I know the skirt on this blue dress is questionably cut with that split skirt, but the cobalt blue is so lovely, I love the subtle sparkle and corset vibe of the bust, and it's just such a young, fun look. You could wear this dress so many places that it justifies its price tag.

Bandage Dress, $100, this black dress is mislabeled as Mirrored Hoodie, but it's $210 so I think it's a dress, Croc Dress, $125: This yellow, lace cutout dress is a great way to do '80s neon, and in that cute little package of that streamlined mini dress, it looks modern instead of retro. The sparkles on this black dress are insane. The top is so sharp and dominatrixy, and the bottom is so soft and feminine--it has a fantastic, almost uneasy tension that I love. And I heart Christopher Kane for making a cheap version of his gorilla tees. I mean, yes, it's a crocodile, but it's a similar thing going on. It's not all that wearable or versatile, but on the right person with the right styling it could be adorable.

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