Friday, August 14, 2009

Miracle Max

Well I don't know if these products are quite that powerful, but they do a pretty great job nonetheless. The next best thing of course would be to have Billy Crystal be the spokesperson for this line, but now I'm on a wee tangent... I actually was wondering recently why I haven't posted on this before as I've been using the second product for a few months now. ANYWAYS. I know some of you have probably heard of Mario Badescu, others maybe not so much, but they are actually a pretty respected skin care line that's been around for quite some time. It boasts celeb clientele and understandably, because, you know, it works. And for people who's skin is under a significant amount of stress all the time, I'm thinking that's a strong recommendation. So a while back I took the plunge (Then it was only available from their store in New York or on their website online. Now they seem to be expanding and you can find their products in some small beauty stores and Ulta.) and have been happy ever since. The line of products has a massive range and treats all skin types and all ages. So no matter if you're old or young, have sensitive or oily skin, you are set. The first product is their most popular one and I have to say, it works. The second is one I have kind of ever so slightly fallen in love with, I'll tell you why below.

Drying Lotion, $17 at Special Cleansing Lotion "O", $15 for 8 oz., $26 for 16 oz., and $45 for 32 oz. at The Drying Lotion is actually decently famous and I'll tell you why. It may come in a tiny bottle (1 oz.) but this puppy is going to last you a long time. Some people say it lasts them more than a year. Basically what you do is you stick a quetip in (don't shake it before!) and dab the little pink potion on whatever spots need healing. Leave it on overnight and presto! A product that actually works overnight like it promises. Really. Even some unruly buggers have met their match with this puppy. The site says you can also use it with mosquito bites and razor bums. Multipurpose too? Yes, please. The Special Cleansing Lotion "O" is why I started using this line. I have some weird skin condition on my arms and chest that has never really been properly diagnosed, by multiple doctors, and is irritating.It doesn't hurt or itch or anything, it's just unsightly. Especially when random people comment on your arms when you wear sleeveless shirts. But now I fear not. I read about this product and did some research and I'm glad I did. It's technical purpose is for body acne, but it also does a good job with other skin ailments, like ingrown hairs and such. Just wipe it on with a cotton pad after you shower daily.

I also encourage you to look through their site. There a plenty of other products that might appeal to your fancy. Also, they provide a free skin "diagnosis" test and then tell you what you should use to help aid your skinly needs. To meet with your online consultant today, click here. Have fun!

P.S. Did I mention that they give you three free samples (of your choice!) with each online purchase? Even if you just buy one tiny tiny item. Score!

Update: My mo stole some of my Drying Lotion last night. Needless to say, I have to hide it now or I will never get it back. Like ever.

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