Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Random Craveability

I've realized that I do lots of these shopping round-ups/things I want posts, and that they're probably kind of annoying to well, everyone aside from me, but there is a method to the madness. I troll La Garconne/Shopbop/Net-a-porter/etc, etc. everyday for stuff I like, and then I organized it in posts like these, so that whenever I need to go shopping I already have a stockpile of stuff I like. It's generally not realistic stuff, but it helps guide my shopping expeditions. So, I guess you could think of these posts as a little window in the total forgetful chaos that is my brain (and yes, clothes are the only thing I think about. For serious).

Phillip Lim Handkerchief Neckline Dress, $675 at, Phillip Lim Magnified Rhinestone Print Dress, $225 at, Boy By Band Of Outsiders Oversized V-neck Sweater, $329 at This Phillip Lim dress intrigues me. It's got a casually chic, almost French girl vibe that I'm loving. The shape is very classic and very chic, with the 3/4 length sleeves and cinched waist, but the fun pattern and ruffle detail at the neckline keep it young and modern. This is one of those pieces that is an outfit in itself, no accessories required, and would work just as well in summer as it would in winter or fall (i.e. even though it's not cheap, the cost per wear would be pretty low). This next dress is the total opposite. It's trendy, impractical, and mildly vulgar. And I still really like it. There's something really appealing about a luxe, in your face print on a plain white t-shirt, and I'm always looking for contrast/tension when I'm putting together an outfit. The first time I saw this sweater I was like, "meh, another boyfriend pullover, pass," but I accidentally clicked on the detail pics, and saw something very interesting. They styled it backwards on the model, with the v-neck in the back. It changes the mood of the entire sweater. It looks like an assumming pullover from the front, albeit with chic green/navy stripes, but from the back it has serious sex appeal.

Iosselliani Feather Ring with Strass, $147 at, Gara Danielle Love Ring, $144 at, A.L.C. Twisty T Dress, $250 at You guys know I'm a sucker for Iosselliani and their gothic rockstar aesthetic. I love the organic nature of the feather on the ring against the cold, hard brilliance of the stone, and the cheeky way that they put the feather over the stone itself. It's hard to tell on the second ring, but from the front it reads "Love" in twisty, artistic letters. I like it because it has a sweet, sentimental message, but with the twisting, organic feel of the letters it's not saccharine or cheesy at all. And here's another example of the asymmetrical mini dress, courtesy of A.L.C. It has the vibe of an Alexander Wang piece, with the jersey fabric, long sleeves, and uneven ruching, but it costs about $400 less. It also comes in black (which I like better but it was harder to see the detail on), if you really want to go all out sex kitten.

Leyendecker Isanti Top, $158 at, Madewell Leather Biker Jacket, $495 at, BE & D Garbo Tote with Gold Hardware, $1,490 at I can't decide if I like this top better in black or white. I want both. The cutout detail at the shoulders is so sexy, but not at all revealing, the drapey pocket on the chest reminds me of Kain (always a plus), it's the perfect length, and it's just such a chic, modern version of a basic t-shirt. I fall for a new motorcycle jacket every week. Having loved about 50 so far, what I like about this one is that it's in a different shade, a mushroomy taupe, that's still a wearable neutral, but shows off the jacket's detailing better than black or dark grey would, and that the cut is perfect, with the wide collar and slim body. And you guys know that I'm hyperventilating over this bag. It's grey, it has two kinds of studs, and it''s a big, slouchy tote. I mean, come on. If it wasn't almost $1500, it would be on my shoulder this very second.

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