Thursday, August 27, 2009

Transitional Shopping

I tried to be focused this time guys, I swear. It's very difficult for me. My brain hurts right now. But, I managed to track down a few pieces that would make the awkward transition between summer and fall a little bit easier, things that work for summer or fall depending on how you style them.

Le Shack by Tracy Feith, African Bomb Strapless Dress, $365 at, J. Crew Tissue Beaded Necklace Tee, $49.50 at, J. Crew Andi Hobo, $225 at This dress is an easy one. The print is fun and summery all on it's own, with a bit of a tribal meets biology class amoeba drawing vibe, and the strapless cut is great for hot summer nights. Throw on a black boyfriend blazer or motorcycle jacket, and you've got enough warmth for an October night, and the vibrant colors of the dress brighten up the typical winter palette. Layering is a big part of transitional dressing for me. The weather is all over the place, so you need a cute foundation to pile light layers on top of. The grey hue of this tee makes it very fall appropriate, since it's a tee it works perfectly for summer, and the attached necklace would be adorable peeking out from under a cardigan. The ribbon 'string' ties at the back of the collar, so it looks like a real necklace! So cute. I freaking love this bag. It's less than $250 (epic win), and even though it's J. Crew it has a serious Proenza Schouler vibe. The grey suede would anchor lighter summer outfits and brighten up darker fall outfits, the suede looks so fun and tactile, and the shape is the perfect mix of practical and trendily slouchy.

Novella Royale Hudson Studded Clutch, $395 at, House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights, about $14: I'm a sucker for an oversize clutch, and an oversize clutch with tone-on-tone oversize studs? I mean, come on. It's just not fair. The envelope shape is classic and chic, the giant size is practical, and the black studs add a subtle edge to it. Did I mention that it's made out of recycled leather? I died when I saw these House of Holland tights on the runway, but I never thought I'd be able to afford them. Wrong, wrong, wrong. They're $14! They're not for sale online yet, but seriously, $14! And they come in a House of Holland style Starbucks cup--so cheeky. The top section is opaque, the middle is slightly transparent, and the bottom is almost see-through. That way, even if you buy them in a dark hue (although they come in lilac, green, and blue too), they don't look heavy. And there's something so alluring about how the lines are placed at knee-high sock and thigh-high sock level, if that makes any sense. Oh, and they're making alphabet tights too. I'm less excited about those.

Current/Elliott The Boyfriend Jeans, one sale for $160.30 down form $229 at I heart these jeans. I've made no secret of it. The cut is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, and I love anything that seems like you aren't trying that hard, even if you are. These work for summer and fall because they're just a pair of jeans. The cropped length works with the heat now, the baggy fit works with cooler temperatures later, and the faded hue is the ideal shade of baby blue. Did I mention that they're on sale?

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