Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Current Cravings

I'm back in California!  If you can't figure out the weirdness of my travels, don't worry, neither can I.  Either way, I'm home in a state that actually acts like summer in the summertime (ahem, 55 degrees and overcast Oregon), and totally thrilled.

Peculiar Pairs Press Cards, all $4 at shop.peculiarpairpress.com: I walked into the cutest curio shop in Salem, and discovered this adorable line of stationary and cards called Peculiar Pairs Press.  They make cards for various occasions that are an adorable blend of quirky, romantic, pop-artish, and just slightly dark at times.  I know $4 for a card is expensive, but having seen them in person, I'd definitely say that they're worth it.  They have that certain weight to them that nice cards have (no flimsy Hallmark cards here), and again, they're adorable.

Nubar Polish in Night Sky: OMG SPARKLES.  That is all.

Rachel Comey Stinger Dress, $236.60 down from $338 at bloomingdales.com, Joie Mazira dress, $248 at shopbop.com and Rachel Comey Singer Dress, $403 at lagarconne.com: I've come to a conclusion about my wardrobe.  I'm one of those people who, on paper, knows how to dress their body type, but in reality doesn't do it.  I'm sort of in denial about being an hourglass.  There was a point in high school where I wasn't necessarily flat, but I was much closer to Kiera Knightley than Kim Kardashian (read: very, very thin), and when you are very, very thin, slightly oversized things can be cute.  However, when you grow up and fill out and are much more along the lines of Kim Kardashian (aka 36"-26"-26" aka I have the measurements of a cartoon character GAH what is my life), oversized tees are not cute because your chest causes them to pull away from your body and totally hide the fact that you have a waist.  So.  I've decided that I need to buy clothes that actually work for my body type and try to recognize the fact that I have curves.  The first thing on my list is a sundress, specifically one with a defined, natural waist, a sweetheart neckline, and an a-line skirt.  They work for my body shape, and are great for summer and can also be transitioned into winter/fall super easily.  I want all of these.  The middle dress is my absolute favorite, just because I love the shape and the print, but it's also $400.  Eek.  The striped dress is the same dress, just a different print and on sale (YAY), and I adore the quirky neckline.  The Joie dress has a really great cut, and a super cute cutout on the back, but I'm undecided about that print.  What about you guys?  Any pieces that you're in the market for or dressing-your-body issues?

So I finally saw Prince of Persia.  I don't want to ruin it for everybody else, so I'll just say that this was not Hollywood's finest moment.  Much more along the lines of being good because it was so bad than being good because it was actually good.  But anyways, of course I found some hair/makeup to obsess about.  Gemma Arterton's hair in this film is totally lemming-worthy, and while I realize that it's all extensions, there were some really fun and inventive braided styles going on that I'm dying to try.  As for the makeup, I know it's hard to see here, but she had a really metallic gold lid with a slash of black liquid liner going out past the corner of the eye, and then black on the waterline.  No shading in the crease, just that wash of gold.  I've been really craving metallic shadows for a while now, and this totally pushed me over the edge.

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Shadows, $22 at lauramercier.com: These Laura Mercier shadows have popped up in a bunch of YouTube videos lately, and they get more and more desirable every time I see them.  They come in little paint tubes, and a wide range of metallic hues.  From what I hear, they make great bases because they dry really quickly and don't crease.  Plus, they're INSANELY PRETTY.  I want all of them, especially Platinum, Rose Gold, and Gold.

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