Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keep Calm and Shop On

Is anyone else dying for it to be June 13th and the premiere of True Blood Season 3 already?  OMG.  And it's totally fashion-related too, since there are some fab sundresses and trenches on that show.

Keep Calm and Shop On, $14.95 at, Keep Calm and Eat Cake, $14.95 at, Keep Calm and Latte On, $14.95 at Have you guys ever seen the British WII propaganda posters that say "Keep Calm and Carry On?"  I totally love those posters, and I really love these modern takes on that poster.  There's a fab Etsy shop that sells 100 different versions of this, everything from Keep Calm and Love Dogs to Keep Calm and Blog On (lol).  These are three of my favorites.  I got the first one for my dorm room.  They come in 20 different colors and right now you can get 4 for the price of 3.  How fab is that?

Miley Cyrus: I'm not one to fawn over Miley Cyrus.  However, her eyeshadow here is really, really pretty.  That sparkly, frosty pale lavender is both summery and flattering, and just a little offbeat.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, Rory Beca Bailey Cutout Halter Dress, $289 at There's no actual point to me posting this KStew look.  I just wanted to point out that she actually looks happy!  And her clothes fit!  Yay for KStew.  We all know that's difficult for her.  On a totally unrelated note, how adorable would this dress be as a swimsuit cover-up at the beach?  It's light, it's a fun color, it has sexy and therefore beach-appropriate cutouts, and would transition easily from sunbathing to shopping or cocktails.

 Kelly's Drawstring Pouch, $398, Emily's Satchel, $498, Krystal's Fringe Shoulder Bag, $498, Karla's Clutch, $398 at I have mixed feelings about Coach.  Occasionally they come out with a few adorable pieces, generally I strongly dislike most of the stuff in their stores, especially that Coach logo fabric.  But this time, I'm totally loving their newest idea.  Coach has collaborated with four fashion bloggers, including Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere (love her, more details at the Coach website) to create four bags.  The bloggers seem to have had a lot of free reign in creating their bags, and I love that they don't look like the usual Coach fare.  My favorites are Emily's Satchel and Karla's Clutch.  The idea of doing a doctor bag in pink is just so darn cute, and that clutch is a dead ringer for the Mulberry Baywatch, but at a much lower price and with a convenient shoulder strap.  I think I would get the clutch, and since I have a 40% off coupon, I might just end up doing that.  It would work as a shoulder bag for day and an oversized clutch for night.  Perfection!

Marina & The Diamonds "Hollywood" Music Video: Here's my current most-played song and fashion inspiration.  Shameless summer-time Americana all the way.

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