Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OMG (ok not really) Haircutting

So I got a haircut today.  Am I the only one who gets really freaked out about getting haircuts?  I find them SUPER stressful!  I get so attached to my hair, and I have the kind of semi-round face shape that can't pull off just any haircut shape.  It's so easy to make my face look like a circle, believe me.  Anyways, I'm not gonna post a picture of it because it's not a super dramatic huge change and I may have already taken off my makeup (deciding factor haha), but I'm bringing it up because the new salon I went to is the epitome of adorable.  Check out the pic:

It's very retro-glam with a little bit of an urban edge, and it's totally eco-friendly!  They recycle cut hair to make mats for oil spills and use all their leftover coffee grinds as compost around town, plus they only use green styling products.  General awesomeness.  The guy who owns it does Cindy Crawford's hair.  LOVE.  If you live in the LA area, I seriously recommend this place.  Here's the website if y'all are interested. 

Anyways, the main thing I wanted to talk/rant about is getting a good haircut.  I can't tell you how many times I've asked for just a trim, to keep the length, just to get my ends dusted, etc, etc, and the stylist has taken 2 or more inches off.  I distinctly remember a haircut I got when I was 8.  It was at Super Cuts, I asked for a trim and got a foot taken off.  I have never stepped foot in Super Cuts again.  I feel like no matter what you ask for, a lot of stylists will do whatever they want.  I know this, and for some reason, I always chicken out in the chair and never get around to saying exactly what I want.  But today I tried really hard to be assertive and my stylist actually listened!  She even apologized for cutting the back so short, so I freaked out and looked at it, and she'd cut off maybe half an inch.  LOVELOVELOVE.  ANYWAYS, haha, I found some lovely hair products today, and I wanted to point them out below. 

All Davines: Momo Conditioner, $20.84 for 8.45 oz at, Nounou Nourishing Illuminating Shampoo, $18.69 for 8.45 oz at, Momo Anti Frizz Fluid, $22.14 for 5 oz at I know she used Davines on me, and I'm 99% sure that some of these items were used.  I say 99% because I got distracted by the shiny wallpaper.  Not even a hint of sarcasm there.  Davines is very eco-friendly, and chock-full of natural ingredients.  I thought my hair smelled like gardenias all day (hatehatehateHATE) but somehow I didn't hate said smell, but now after looking at the ingredients in this conditioner I've realized that my hair smells like milk thistle!  Which is way nicer than it sounds, and my hair feels like silk.  Even my dad noticed, which is basically a miracle.  This shampoo is green and formulated for colored hair!  What I don't get is why they don't fill up the bottles all the way.  Why not just get smaller bottles?  Confusion.  This Frizz Fluid is fab.  Again, my hair right now = silk, and I play with it all day, scrunch it up, twirl it around, etc.  For it to still be smooth and shiny takes some seriously hardcore product, and on top of that, my hair doesn't feel weighed down at all! 

Once Wed pics: This may be the cutest wedding of all time.  Here are just a few pictures of the decorations used, but the general gist is: oversized bouquets of peonies, using pages of books as signs, mismatched vintage glassware, general adorableness.  And in case you're wondering why I'm posting wedding pics, these would be equally great ideas to use for birthday party decorations, summer party decorations, room decorations, whatever.

Annasee prints: Christian Louboutin Josefa Shoes Block Print, $15 at, YSL Tribute Heels Block Print, $15 at I'm on an Etsy poster kick, it's official.  HOW CUTE ARE THESE?  Prints of high fashion shoes to hang on my wall?  I'm all over it.  She has about 9 different shoes up at the moment, some of which (like these Tributes) come in different colors.  They're all 5" x 7", which is decent for an animal print, and again, SO CUTE.  Hanging a cluster of these up on your wall would be the perfect accent to any room (or guest bedroom AKA walk-in closet because who doesn't want to re-purpose an entire room as a closet?  Come on).

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