Friday, June 11, 2010

True Blood. And Other Things.

First things first:

Lara Stone and Abbey Lee Kershaw for Calvin Klein: My two favorite super models in the same ad?  You guys know what's going up on my fall when this comes out in the mags.  Hot damn.

Both ABS: Sequin Panel Dress, $238 down from $396 at, Short Satin Dress, $178 down from $297 at I like ABS, but I generally think that their dresses are overpriced.  And now they are on serious sale.  Imagine that.  The gown has just enough gravitas to be formal, and just enough chiffon and sparkles to still be young and fun.  The shift is a little Michelle Obama and a little Mad Men, but with a dash of sexy from the deep v-neck back.  Total cocktail party perfection.

J. Crew Torque Moto Cardigan, $49.99 down from $118 at, Taylor Swift at the CMT Awards in John Galliano: I've already blogged this J. Crew sweater, so all I have to say now is: it's on CRAZY sale, it's a really fun alternative to the basic sweater, and it's a neutral color that you'd get a ton of wear out of.  I love this look from the CMT awards.  Taylor is pushing her envelope a little, especially with the straightened hair and bustier bodice, but she still looks elegant and age appropriate, which isn't the easiest thing to do.  Her Galliano is so fun and summery!  Drool.

And for the most important part of the post, of course, TRUE BLOOD STARTS THIS WEEKEND.  OMG TIMES A MILLION SO EXCITED GAAAAAH.  Ahem.  Well, if you haven't seen the season 3 promo, here it is below.  Stuff is going DOWN.

In honor of said momentous occasion, I picked out a few True Blood inspired things to get us all in the mood.

Sweet Leaf The Original Sweet Tea, Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment, $22.50 at Sweet Tea.  Total southern classic.  I actually really love the Trader Joe's Sweet Tea, but I couldn't find any pics, and this stuff is pretty good.  Sweet tea is basically black iced tea with a lot of sugar.  But it doesn't taste like that bottled Nestea/Lipton stuff, it doesn't delicious and summery and awesome.  When I think of vampires and I think of makeup, I come up with smokey eyes and vampy lips.  Obviously the second option is more summer heat proof, especially when it comes in lip balm form with an SPF.  I've been meaning to try the Fresh Lip Treatment forever, and now that it comes in this vampy might just make my b-day wish list.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume, $22 for 1.2 oz at, Benefit Dallas, $28 at I don't think the blood orange needs much explanation.  I mean, I don't think anyone wants to smell like actual blood, and I think blood oranges are both fitting and rather Southern.  I have the solid version of this perfume, and it's bright, straight-forward, and sweet, very much something Sookie would wear.  If you guys have read the books (as I may have done...this last week...don't judge me), you know that Sookie loves to tan.  You also know that Dallas played a big role in Season 2, which makes this bronzer/blush doubly appropriate.  It even has a little sparkle, which may not be True Blood vamp appropriate, but I think the Twilight fans would approve.

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  1. Ummmm please don't hate me. I'm already cheating on Cajun Shrimp. Mostly because I just picked up China Glaze For Audrey and HAVE to give it a whirl. That being said, milky greens look weird on me, so I'll probably be back to Cajun Shrimp by Monday night ;)

  2. I'm sure Cajun Shrimp will forgive because For Audrey is AMAZING. I've been dying to get that forever but I've put it off because I thought it would look weird on me...but I love me some Tiffany blue. Is it worth it?

  3. It's pretty freakin' fab. But I've only had it on for 20 minutes so it's still in the "ohnewandshiny" phase, haha. A little gloopy, but nothing too terrible. I know it's kinda hard to find, so if you can't get your hands on it, holla at me and I can get one for you. The place I got mine still has at least 3. :) sara[dot]e[dot]allen at gmail. :D

  4. I just did my nails too, doin the awkward trying not to touch things dance. I've stalked it down on eBay, I may cave today. You're such a nail polish enabler!!! lol but I can't point fingers about doing that

  5. LOL! Don't pay more than 5.99 for For Audrey! I hate stupid ebayers who jack up the prices. Seriously, if you want me to grab you one, I totally can ;)

  6. $3.50 on eBay! :) love that site

  7. Glad you like us! Thanks for the mention! (And now I want to try the Sugar Plum Lip Balm!!)

    April Riggs
    Consumer Services Manager



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