Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madewell and...Taylor Momsen

Ok.  So I know that I critique (AKA mock) Taylor Momsen a lot, but up til now, her main offenses have been wearing too much eyeshadow and pretending to be Courtney Love.  But this...this takes everything to a whole new level.

Problem #1.  She looks like a panda, and those extensions wouldn't fool a blind person..  They're beyond the point where they look fake but everyone gives her the benefit of the doubt.  I feel like if you took those extensions out, they would stand up and walk away (in shame) by themselves.  She reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid.  Ack.

Problem #2: So.  Um.  Can we discuss this?  She's wearing a lace bra, garters/thigh highs, granny panties, and a tank top.  If I walked out of the house like that, my parents would murder me.  Literally.  If she was going for something a la Lady Gaga, and being really creative/making an artistic statement and not SIXTEEN, I'd let that amount of public nudity slide, but she's SIXTEEN and pretending to be a stripper pretending to be Courtney Love 20 years ago.  Oy vey.  I feel like working on Gossip Girl should help her with fashion.

Karla Sugar posted these fab swatches of all the MUFE Aqua Cream Shadows/Blushes/Lip tints/whatever they are.  Aren't they gorgeous and CRAZY pigmented?  I want 2 (mmm taupe), 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16.  I really like that they're come out with a good formula AND included a great range of colors and finishes.  I hate it when a great new shadow or lip gloss comes out and the color range starts out sooo limited.

And now for something completely awesone: there's gonna be a MAC for Rodarte collection!!!!  It comes out in September.  You can read about the deets at the link above, but here's what I'm really looking forward to: Sleepless Lip Glass (light grey taupe--could be awesome or terrible), Nail Lacquers in Juarez (bright opal pink) and Factory (light opal mint), Beauty Powder in Softly Drifting (pale neutral white-ish pink with soft gold pearl), and Badlands pigment (mid-tone shimmer beige brown).  I like how off-beat and almost weird this collection seems, like they didn't water-down the Rodarte aesthetic to make it more wearable.

All Madewell: Chiffon-Ruffle Tank, $48 at, Moto Sweatshirt Jacket, $78 at, Denim Midi Shorts, $59 at Madewell just launched an e-commerce site (woohoo), so of course I had to go through all of it and pick my favorite things, and then stop myself from buying them.  Ahem.  Anyways, I love this chiffon-trimmed tank.  It has a little bit of a tuxedo meets bib necklace feel, but with all the ease and slimness of a tank top.  I think I've posted like 10 different sweaters that look like motorcycle jackets, but I have a real moto jacket and a sweater version, and I have to say, I wear the sweater version more.  It's just so cozy!  I really like denim shorts for summer, but I'm not a huge fan of Daisy Dukes.  At all.  I'm always trying to find other silhouettes that have a similarly summery feel.  These boyfriend-ish shorts are fab.  They're still short, so they show off a summer-time amount of leg, but the slightly baggier leg is a lot more flattering than a pair of micro-shorts, and probably a lot comfier.

Wanderlust Sumatra Shirtdress, $88 at, Bensimon Vintage Lace-up Sneakers, $65 at, Slouchy Sweatshorts, $48 at Menswearish shirtdresses are my absolute favorite swimsuit cover-ups.  They're offbeat and a little more sexy than your average sundress, and transition off the beach nicely.  I like this incarnation because it's longer than a regular shirt and slightly slimmer without compromising that borrowed-from-the-boys effect.  I am not a sneakers girl.  I wear tennis shoes only to work out, and I detest (sorry y'all) Converse with every fiber of my being.  At the same time, there are occasions when I really need some sort of cute sneaker.  These Bensimon sneakers have an adorable retro French girl vibe, they don't like like your average sneaker, and they come in chic colors.  Win-win.  A few months ago, Garance Dore posted some really cute sweat-shorts that she made, but since I couldn't find a buyable version, I forgot about them entirely.  Well.  These shorts have that same designer sweat pants vibe, but they're summertime appropriate, affordable, comfy, and super chic in a very Alexander Wang sort of way.  For less than $50.  Sign me up!

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  1. But TAYLOR IS JUST EXPRESSING HERSELF! -dies laughing- Can't even take myself seriously.

    "but she's SIXTEEN and pretending to be a stripper pretending to be Courtney Love 20 years ago."
    Best thing I've read all month.

  2. Haha I feel like even self expression has a public decency limit. Thanks! I have had wayyyy too much practice thinking of entertaining ways to, ahem, critique Taylor Momsen's outfits.

  3. I'm all for expressing yourself, but when that expression entails explicit clothing and ugly, ugly make-up, it makes me want to vomit. Taylor should take a look in the mirror. No, wait, she shouldn't. It might cause some sort of nuclear reaction. She should just let a nun dress her from now on.

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