Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eclipse, Burberry, and Emma Watson

Nikki Reed in Marchesa, Bryce Dallas Howard in vintage Dior: So here are the red carpet pics from the recent premiere of Eclipse (comes out next week, wootwoot).  Twilight premieres always bring out interesting red carpet choices.  Nikki Reed may look a little like an Ice Capades dancer, but she also looks kind of fab, no?  She's pulling it off nicely, and I think it could be really easy to let that many sequins and feathers become cheesy.  Bryce Dallas Howard has my absolute favorite look of the evening (love how they're putting her in the movie and pretending that no one will notice that she's not the OTHER red headed evil vampire).  Vintage Dior?  Come on.  Yellow can be tricky with red hair, but she is absolutely glowing!  That dress fits her, it looks unique and vintage, but not dated, and she's accessorized it perfectly.

Kristen Stewart in Elie Saab, Ashley Green in Alexis Mabille: I don't like to use the word hate.  But I hate this dress on Kristen Stewart.  It looks like a hairy, oversized sweater that the cat tore a sleeve off of.  It doesn't flatter her, it doesn't seem modern or young, and it definitely doesn't seem appropriate for a premiere.  As for Ashley Green, oy ve.  We all know she has a great body.  I'm sure she knows she has a great body.  So I'm confused as to why she's wearing a towel.  Or a big grey bed sheet.  Either way, it's not a dress.

Emma Watson: It's hard not to hate Emma Watson for being so darn gorgeous all the time, but girl can't help it.  I simply love the idea of pairing that Louis Vuitton corset top with a pair of jean cutoffs.  It makes it very daytime appropriate, but still sexy and edgy, a little baroque meets Daisy Duke.  The model boyfriend also doesn't hurt.

Burberry Fall 2010 Campaign: Speaking of Emma Watson, it seems like she's taking a little break from Burberry.  But that ad is still GORGEOUS.  I love the casting, and what I really, really love are those shearling jackets.  Omnomnom.  I want, especially that middle one.  It has all the edge of a motorcycle jacket, with all the practicality of a shearling jacket.  And that dramatic collar...le sigh.

Tilo Ombre Scarf, $85 at, Jill Stuart Mona Dress, $348 at, Rebecca Taylor Strapless Dress, $326 at I know what you're thinking.  $85 for a pink scarf?  Heck no.  But there is a method to the madness, I promise.  That scarf is a thin wool, AKA the best scarf material ever.  It looks light and summery, but it will keep you as warm as the temperature demands, and it'll do that without heaviness or extra volume.  This Jill Stuart is all sweet and girly from the front (aside from the deep, DEEP cleavage), but in the back it's very much va-va-voom sexy.  It's a very flattering hue and shape, it balances feminine and sexy, and you could really wear it all year round.  I know this Rebecca Taylor dress is a crazy, crazy print...but I kind of love it.  It's a little hippie on acid trip, but with a thick, brown leather belt and a cute cardigan, you could tone it down just enough to make it wearable.

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