Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lady Gaga, Weddings, and Resort

I feel like I've posted every single Lady Gaga video on here.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was true.  I think part of the reasons is that I have to talk about them to understand them.  Take Alejandro, for instance.

Here's the video.

I'm going to be honest, I don't fully get what's going on here.  I'm pretty sure she's making a statement about homo-eroticism and the treatment of gay soldiers in the military, and maybe another statement about the Catholic church's stance on homosexuality, and while I think both of these are really great points, I don't see the connection to the song at all.  I almost like it better on mute because I feel such a disconnect between the video and the song.  I like the video itself.  She has some really interesting frosty eye makeup going on, and girl can DANCE, but...I kind of miss the old Gaga.  The Gaga that wasn't trying to be ugly just to make a statement.

Take Gaga in Pokerface.  Still pushing boundaries, still making a statement, but the video and the song mesh.

Either way, I don't think she can top Bad Romance.  I think she hit the perfect balance between provocative and relevant in that video.

On a totally unrelated note, here's a peek of Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011.  I promise to put out better Resort 2011 coverage this week, I really do.  But for now, here's some insane loveliness.  That gown on the left: the incarnation of Gothic romance.  That gown on the right reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 collection, and I kind of want to spend the rest of my life in it.  The tiny buttons, the tiered skirt...drool.  Very modern Marie Antoinette.

 And now for the random shopping portion of today's post:

Rebecca Minkoff Je t'Aime Pouch, $55 at, J. Crew Rugby-stripe Ginny Dress, $128 at, J. Crew Wildcat Ombre Pencil Skirt, $98 at I will be the first person to admit that this Rebecca Minkoff pouch is overpriced, but it's also really, really cute.  And the same price as a similar key pouch thing at Coach, just significantly cuter, and well, Frencher, which is always a little better, let's be honest.  THIS WOULD BE THE CUTEST AFFORDABLE ANNIVERSARY PRESENT EVER.  Just got a little carried away with the capslock.  Moving on...One of my lovely readers pointed out this J. Crew dress (she was going to wear it to prom.  So adorable), and I'm really taken by its combination of corduroy stripes and chiffon.  The visual interest from all that texture takes this LBD from basic to really unique, but still versatile.  I'd style it with a crystal/blingy statement necklace and a thin, brown leather menswearish belt for contrast.  So not only did J. Crew come out with a leopard pencil skirt (this is why I love them), but they decided to dip dye the bottom in pink.  Ombre + leopard + pink + pencil skirt + less than $100 = OMG. 

All J. Crew: Layered Tulle Paget Gown, $3,500 at, Chiffon Augusta Gown, $995 at, Jacquard Jardiniere Gown, $1,100 at I know I've mentioned this before, but I really do love J. Crew's bridal options.  They're in keeping with the brand's overall aesthetic, and they seem to combine designer craftsmanship and style with an affordable price range.  This first dress has layers of chiffon over a more modern, streamlined body, which makes for a lovely juxtaposition of ethereal and down to earth.  The second gown has an absolutely gorgeous chiffon floral detail at the waist.  It's very organic, but at the same time very polished, and what girl doesn't want to get married in that much chiffon?  This last gown is my favorite.  I love the simple a-line/sweetheart shape, and the embellishment of that ribbon at the waist is the perfect finishing touch.  I'd add some sparkle at the waist and maybe some sparkly jewelry, and when your wedding dress is less than $1,200 (sounds ridiculous, but having done hours of research, aka watching Say Yes to the Dress, I have concluded that this is a bargain) you can afford to splurge on some extra bling.

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  1. I'm with you on the Gaga thing. Bad Romance was the peak. Telephone was like -slight head tilt-. This new one is like -head tilts so far you fall over-. I just don't get it. The dancing was fab though ;)

  2. Ahaha you described it perfectly. That's exactly what I did when I watched this. It was just a giant bundle of confusion/shock/awe. I just get a Spanish club vibe from that song, and the whole Catholic church/military thing was unexpected



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