Thursday, June 10, 2010

Resort 2011 and Shoppings

College has ruined my brain.  Ever since school started in September and I was left with this finite amount of money that I had to manage, I've been in perpetual "I'm a broke college student and can't afford to buy anything" mode.  So of course I skimped and saved and ended up finding a lot more in my bank account today than I expected.  Woohoo!  And of course I spent it.  Because I'm good at undermining myself like that.

Forever 21 Smooth Teardrops Earrings, $4.80 at, Tissue Twisted Necklace Tee, $29.99 down from $45 at I was a big girl today!  I bought earrings.  I've never actually bought earrings before.  I have the pair that my ears were pierced with and the pair my parents got me for Xmas that I wear every day, but I've never bought myself earrings.  I was honestly terrified of putting anything new in my ears because my piercings have been infected since November.  But they're finally getting better, so I caved at Forever 21 and picked up these lovely coral earrings, and then basically the  cheap version of these Giles & Brother earrings.  I must have watched Dynasty a lot as a kid, because I love, love, love these coral earrings.  They're so retro-glam, and the pop of color they give a basic outfit is fab.  I also got this J. Crew tee (they are so many adorable tees on sale in stores right now, hit that up).  It's much cuter in person.  I was worried that the detailing at the chest would make me look chunky, but it's really delicate and feminine and almost a little Lanvin, which I love.

All Victoria's Secret: Demi Bra, $31.50 down from $45 at, MVP Yoga Pant, $25 down from $32.50 at, Boyfriend Sweats, $25 down from $34.50 at also picked up one of these demi bras in black/white, which I mention only because the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale has already started online and starts in stores on June 15th.  Love, love, love that sale.  $30 for this bra is a total bargain.  And by the way, don't be a fool like me and assume that since you got a bra-fitting in 9th grade you're still the same size.  False.  Very, very false.  If you have doubts, get measured.  Your girls will thank you.  If I make it back to the store for the sale, I'm looking at these yoga pants and these sweats.  The sweats are great for colder weather lounging and the yoga pants are more lightweight and slightly more acceptable to wear in public.

Resort 2011: I promised!  I'm delivering on the Resort 2011 coverage I talked about yesterday.  Much prettiness ahead.

Herve Leger, DVF: It's hard to keep Herve Leger dresses fresh, since they're basically the same materials and shape over and over (which I guess is kind of the point), but I think this pattern/treatment is fun and fresh.  It's a little out there and Star Trek-ish, but the color palette makes it totally summertime appropriate.  There's something so casually elegant about this DVF dress.  It looks very light and easygoing, but the high-impact print keeps it from being just another sundress.  The drawstring detail at the waist is really clever and totally adorable.

Jason Wu, Erin Fetherston: I actually wore a variation of this Jason Wu dress today.  I think the combination of the long-sleeved, striped tee and the high-waisted skirt is both very flattering and very sexy in a nonchalant kind of way.  The detailing at the neck and the limited color palette take it from cute to drop dead chic.  I don't think I need to explain this Erin Fetherston dress.  I mean, it needs to be on my body.  Does a more perfect summer cocktail dress exist?  I have doubts.

Erin Fetherston, Thakoon: It's taken me a while to warm up to these half-gown dresses, but I'm really starting to like them, especially for summer.  Who wants to wear a floor length gown when it's 90 degrees outside?  The cocktail dress/chiffon gown combo has all the elegance and drama of a floor length gown with all the ease of a cocktail dress, and I love the contrast between the pale bodice and black chiffon.  Of course, there are some long dresses so lovely that I'd wear them in any heat, like this Thakoon dress.  Even though it's in such a limited color palette, the pleating and tucking at the waist give it so much visual interest that it may as well be a thousand color.  Tres, tres chic.

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