Friday, May 28, 2010

Say I Do in J. Crew?

Yes, I am an epic cheeseball for that title, but J. Crew's new bridal store (pics below) is too cute for words!  You guys know that I'm not a pink/ruffles/floral/polka dot wearing girly-girl most of the time, but I am a total hopeless romantic when it comes to wedding dresses.  I always watch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC, and I've always planned on going to Kleinfeld's to get my wedding dress (yes, I'm 18, I realize this is insanely premature).  But this J. Crew boutique may have swayed me a little.  More on that later.  First off, Olivier Theyskens is designing a collection for Theory! OMG.  He is one of my all-time favorite designers, and seeing him let go from Nina Ricci was heartbreaking (and totally undeserved).  And now that his clothes will be available at a slightly more realistic price point?  I'm hyperventilating.  Gah.  Love.

As for the random things from Shopbop that I want today:

T by Alexander Wang Goddess Skirt, $89 at, Theory Tresha E Dress, $395 at, Botkier Minnie Bag, $545 at I am a hardcore pencil skirt fan.  When you have an hourglass shaped figure, pencil skirts are often the most flattering.  A-line skirts just make me look bottom-heavy.  The skirt is a cheaper alternative to the Balenciaga draped skirts from a few seasons ago, but toned down and a little easier to wear.  The black band highlights your waist really nicely, the subtle striped pattern kicks it up a notch from a basic neutral, and $89 is a fab price for a pencil skirt this polished.  Aside from the fact that I now love Theory (see above), this dress is adorable in a Southern belle summer dress sort of way.  The white is great for making anyone look tanner, the ruching at the waist and sweetheart neckline will give anyone an hourglass figure, and the detailing along the bottom keeps it from just a plain white dress.  There are two reasons I love this Botkier bag.  First off, 50% of proceeds to go to Oxfam America, which is a lot for a designer item.  Second off, it's a fab little neutral bag that you could wear anywhere.  It's simple enough to be versatile, but the braided details and warm hue make it interesting.

So here are the pictures of J. Crew's bridal store on Madison Avenue.  Um, can we have a collective sigh for how adorable this is?  There's a salon on the first floor where I assume you can buy accessories, jewelry, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, and also get services arranged for your wedding (they have a mini wedding-planning service!  So cute).  Aside from the fact that the salon itself is so chic, look at the exclusive dresses they have at this store.  That sequined number belongs on my body. 

Downstairs they have an appointment-only showroom and dressing rooms.  Look at that dress on the left.  OMG.  That dress is so me that it makes me sick.

Hermes Belt, currently $242.50 at, Balmain Ambre Gris EDP, $13 for 100 ml at, Thierry Mugler Angel Sunessence Blue Lagoon, $80 for 1.7 oz at I picked up a copy of Lucky to read on the plain up to Oregon, and they had a picture of this girl wearing a really simple outfit, I think a tailored pair of shorts and a tee, and then a vintage Hermes H Buckle belt.  It was perfection.  I'm really not a label whore, I wouldn't buy things with giant LV or Chanel or Fendi logos on them, but the H gets me for some reason.  It's just so simple and classic, and somehow slightly equestrian, my favorite.  So the next time I have $300 to burn, that's where it's going.  I kept wondering when Balmain was going to release a fragrance, and then I realized that they already had!  That bottle is purchase-worthy alone, but the scent sounds amazing.  The notes are pink pepper, cinnamon, tuberose, immortelle, myrrh, smoky gaiac wood, benzoin, white musks, and ambergris.  It sounds deep and spicy and sweet and pretty darn fantastic.  Another perfume that I'm eyeing is this year's summer version of Thierry Mugler's Angel.  Angel is a little sweet and cloying for me, but with frozen star fruit, ginger flower, patchouli, and vanilla, it sounds lighter and fresher and spicier than Angel, and perhaps worth a look next time you're in Sephora.

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