Friday, June 11, 2010

Craving, Craving, Craving

I have done literally nothing today.  I think blogging and painting my nails (matching Cajun Shrimp mani/pedi!) are the most productive things I've accomplished.  Ugh.  It's definitely June gloom down here in LA, and I'm willing myself to stop baking so that I don't turn into a rolly-polly just because I have nothing to do.

OPI polish in Cajun Shrimp, Essie polish in Vermillionaire: Anyways, I've been craving Essie Vermillionaire for a while now, and I think it's just come out.  Now that I'm seeing swatches, I'm wondering if it's too similar to Cajun Shrimp, which I just got.  Side by side, Cajun Shrimp is a little redder and more coral, whereas Vermillionaire is more of a deep orange.  I can totally justify buying both of these because they're so pretty, but they are so similar.  Hm.

Natalie Portman with some really lovely highlights: On a totally random note, how gorgeous are Natalie Portman's highlights here?  I love that she went the hand-painted wide streak route instead of thin streaks, because it looks so much more natural.  I think the tan also helps with the overall glow.

Philopsophy: Going Coconuts Gift Set, $30 at, The Microdelivery Purifying Peel One-Minute Purifying Enzyme Mask, $40 at I'm pretty sure that I've made this abundantly clear, but I love coconut.  I love everything about coconut, the smell, the taste, just everything.  Which is why I'm thrilled about this little gift set.  It come with 3 6oz. shower gels/shampoos/bubble baths in pineapple coconut, lime coconut, and orange coconut.  I'm not sure about orange coconut, but pineapple and lime coconut sound DELISH.  This would be such an adorable summer b-day present (hint, hint).  The Microdelivery mask/peel isn't cheap, but it sounds like a super-charged version of my drugstore enzyme mask, with tons of fruit enzymes and lactic acid for painless exfoliation.  If you have sensitive skin but still want to exfoliate, I really recommend something like this.  It'll give you a lovely glow but won't irritate your skin.

JOIE Josiene Pocket Tank, $94 down from $134 at, Antique Keys Drew B Pocket Tank, $118 at I ran into both of these JOIE tanks last weekend, and omigosh, they are so lovely in person.  They're both silk tanks, cut slightly loose with a little pocket on the chest.  It looks much more like it does on the model at the left than it does on the model at the right (something awkward is going on there).  I'm leaning towards liking the key print one better, but that soft leopard print is so cute!  I really love that these look like basic tank tops, but they're done in such a luxurious fabric, great for a dose of glam during the day.

All Paul & Joe: Summer Lipgloss in Sheer Bliss, $22 at, Pearl Powder in Afterglow, $25 at, Eye Gloss in Murmur, $24 at So Urban Outfitters has branched out online to stock a bunch of beauty products, most notably Lipstick Queen, Stila, Pop, and Paul & Joe, which is so hard to find in the US.  They have a pretty decent Paul & Joe selection, and here are my fave products (can we just note the adorable packaging?).  The lip glosses come in a fun, wide range of colors including a bright orange (yum).  The pearl powders seem like shimmery, loose pigments, and Afterglow looks like a lovely, warm pink/gold pigment that would be a great blush/highlight combo for a bit of a rosy glow.  The eye glosses intrigue me.  They sound like creme shadows, but the gloss part makes me think that they don't dry down to a matte finish.  I love shimmery, glossy eyes, so I'm dying to try this out.

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