Friday, June 18, 2010

DIY, Cravings, and Mixed Feelings

Still in the middle of a giant LUSH craving and a small bank account, today I whipped up a body scrub to fulfill my eco-friendly pampering needs.  I'd attach a picture, but it's not all that stunning-looking and I'm pretty sure y'all can visualize it.

The recipe:

1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tsp of vanilla extract, or whatever essential oil you'd like (bergamot would be pretty!)

I really like this recipe because it isn't oily at all, it has the perfect amount of brown sugar to be nice and scrubby, and since it's sugar, it won't irritate any or scrapes.

Soft Joie Schiffer Dress, $158 at, Madewell Spiral Print Scarf, $50 at What's this Soft Joie brand?  Is it a basics division of Joie?  Confusion.  Either way, this dress is a lovely, summer piece that's light but has a lot of style.  The subtle gathered details are a very flattering and fun way to spice up the typical white dress.  I hate the way Shopbop has styled this scarf.  You can't see it, but it has an all-over print of flying birds, and it's this light, gauzy fabric that's perfect for summer. 

All J. Crew: Shattered Glass Earrings, $85 at, Honore Dress, $128 at There's nothing shattered about these J. Crew earrings.  They're simply gorgeous.  The combination of that slightly retro chandelier shape and the dusky pastel hues is pitch perfect, and these babies just might make my b-day wish list.  I know it's hard to see this J. Crew dress (darn blogger and their standardized image sizes), but it is chock full of intricate detailing, with little ruffles, rhinestones, and a gathered waist detail.  It would be a great workhouse LBD because you could play up different details each time you wore it and get a ton of different looks out of it.

Pave Cable Link Bracelet, $125 at, LUSH New! Shampoo Bar, $9.95 at This bracelet is so Dynasty, which is kind of why I love it.  Those pave chain bracelets just scream EIGHTIES, but the grey rhinestones and black accents here keep it a little more fresh and modern.  I'd love to wear this with a v-neck and a pair of straight leg jeans for the perfect daytime glam look.  Ok, I know I've gone a little overboard with the whole LUSH thing, but just in case anyone wanted to know, my LUSH wish-list has changed.  I found out that the Karma solid shampoo strips colored hair of, well, color, which is a major no-no, so next time I'm near LUSH I'm grabbing the New! shampoo.  It has cinnamon and tons of essential oils to stimulate hair growth, which is great because I'm attempting (lol) to grow out my hair again.

 LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, $7.95 at Okay.  So I have mixed feelings about this soap.  I still think it smells AMAZING, but that scent doesn't linger far beyond the shower.  :(  It seems like it would be really creamy, but it didn't lather much at all when I used it with my hands, although it lathered pretty well when I brought out the loofah.  The honeycomb fell off immediately, so that was pretty much useless.  I think my main issue is that I'm just not a soap person.  I'm a showergel person.  I hate the residue feeling soap leaves behind.  But I'm going to finish up my soap and we'll see if I change my mind.  I think I hyped it up so much in my mind that I was expecting miracles, so maybe the second try will be better.

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