Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Festiveness

So at my school there's this big dance thing this Friday (which you know I'm not going to because 2,500 people plus tiny room plus crazy dancing equals waaaay to overwhelming for me. And because I'm too lazy to put on heels. You know.), and it's gotten me thinking about party dresses. More party dresses. I know. But they really are the funnest thing to shop for. And I promise the next post will include exactly zero dresses. I think.

BCBG One Shoulder Dress, $248 at, Juicy Couture Lace Print Tank Dress, $248 at, Preen Band Dress, $440 at So this BCBG dress has one, a jewel tone, two, gorgeous asymmetrical draping that cinches nicely at the waist, three, one shoulder, and four, zipper details. You know I'm all over that. It has such an Alexander Wang vibe, and it's not even $250! It's a total standalone piece. You don't really need anything with it except a pair of sky-high heels and some serious attitude. Doesn't this Juicy dress look like Anna Sui? That might just be my crazy, sleep-deprived brain, but it has the same slightly gothic, romantic aesthetic. It taps into the nude trend that was big on the runways, the lace pattern taps into the sheer trend because it looks like a sheer overlay. But even though the print is very on-trend, the tank silhouette is always a classic, and since it hangs relatively close to the body, it's also flattering. It's a win-win! This Preen dress intrigues me. I love the vibrant hue, I love the one-shoulder, I love the cut-out and the ruching and the banding, but...the lace-up detail on the sleeve is killing me. It's so '90s, and not in a good way. But the rest of the dress is so great that I'm kind of okay with the lace-up. I don't know. I've had too much coffee today. My brain is literally twitching right now. TMI, I know.

Rache Pally Long Cutout Dress, $238 at, LaRok Absolutely Studding Skirt, $268 at, YARNZ Crowns Cashmere Scarf, $165 at Without looking at the price tag of this Rachel Pally dress, I'd have placed it in the $500+ range. The cut is perfect, the slinky fit is so Angelina Jolie (I don't know why, it just is), and the cut-outs are subtly sexy from the front, and totally attention-grabbing from the back. Just think about how much wear you could get out of this! And that full skirt...I die. These last two have nothing to do with party dress, I just want them. You guys know how that goes. I feel like this skirt could have some logistical issues, like with sitting...or moving...but it's so damn cute. I mean, I love a high-waisted mini in any form, but put studs on it and you may as well just steal my wallet. Same with this scarf. I love big, comfy scarves. I love crown motifs. Put both of them together, and do it in grey and purple (it's like they read my mind), and I'm literally drooling.

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