Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Planning Fail.

I'd like to apologize for blog failing yesterday. I didn't not post because it was Labor Day. I literally thought it was Sunday and forgot to post. Don't worry, I'm trying to pull myself together, I know it's Tuesday, we're all good. This college thing is going pretty well so far, but I've realized that I have a serious lack of tops in my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I have about 348699368 million tees, but like 2 actual tops, and they're both button-ups. I thought I'd be wearing dresses a lot here, but there are lots and lots of stairs, and dresses + stairs = way too many up-skirt moments for me on the way to class, and wearing v-necks and jeans every day is getting old pretty quickly. So the next things on my shopping list are tops, actual polished, dress up-able tops.

Tibi Lace Trim Silk Top, $255 at net-a-porter.com, J. Crew Textured Jersey Ribboned Collier Tee, $49.50 at jcrew.com, VPL Convexity Breaker Tee, $175 at shopbop.com: I'm dying over this Tibi tank. I usually rant and rave about empire waist tops and how they make you look pregnant and need to be avoided at all costs, but this one is working for me. I think the amount of exposed skin up top and the fitted band at the waist mediate the a-line bottom nicely, and the jewel tone purple and lace trim take this tank from casual to refined and chic. You guys know I'm a fan of anything that involves a statement necklace, and this tee is no exception. The trompe l'oeil effect is fun and quirky, the nature of the white tee itself makes this a super versatile piece, and the mixture of textures at the neckline makes totally luxurious. I've wanted one of these VPL Breakers tank FOREVER. They're the perfect mix of lingerie-inspired and casual chic. I mean, that tank would look perfect with jeans for a more easygoing look, but you could dress it up with some jewelry and a high-waisted skirt and have a fantastic going out ensemble.

Juicy Couture Zipper Front Ruffle Tank, $138 at shopbop.com, Tucker Camisole, $176 at shopbop.com, Joie Masha Smocked Top, $198 at shopbop.com: The zipper/ruffle detail on this Juicy tank is adorable. The ruffles are a little girly, the zipper is a little edgy, and the whole thing has a bit of a tuxedo vibe. Plus, you don't even need a necklace with this tank, and the basic white means it goes with everything. This Tucker cami is velvet. Velvet with leopard print patterned cutouts. I'm dying insde. The slouchiness of the neckline and low-key sexiness of the velvet leopard print go together perfectly. And yes, I kind of do just want it because it's leopard. But I think everyone needs a little bit of leopard in their closet, right? And just to prove that I'm a closet hippie at heart, I love this Joie top. It's the perfect length to be roomy without overwhelming, the dip in the neckline shows just the right amount of skin, and the grey on grey color palette keeps it all 2009 instead of 2003. Perfection.

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