Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NY/London Fashion Week Round-up

Alright, I took a little break yesterday, but now here's the round-up of the end of NY Fashion Week and the beginning of London Fashion Week, in no particular order. Disclaimer: do not read if you value the contents of your savings account.

All Matthew Williamson: Finally back in London after showing in NYC for a few seasons, Matthew Williamson's show was a total knockout. I literally bookmarked every look. The draping on this yellow blouse is insanely chic, the perfect mix of casual and glamorous, and I love the color combo of the yellow top/teal skirt (not to mention the fact that the skirt is made out of leather!). And OMG those shoes. The second two looks are great examples of the aggressive florals trend. I love the cut of the gown--the top is very body-con mini, but the bottom is full-on '70s glamour. I will die if somebody wears this on the red carpet. Die. This second dress plays off the asymmetrical draping and the cut-out trends, and the black, sheer sleeve woven in the bodice is so organic and gorgeous. Plus, it moves so perfectly!

Julien McDonald, Antonio Berardi, Louise Goldin: I loved the crazy woven knits at Mark Fast, but I think this mini-dress from Julien McDonald is a much more wearable look. The woven texture adds a ton of visual interest, the vibrant color palette is a little '80s, and the fit is perfect. The way the shoes match the grey in the dress is insane. This dress fr0m Antonio Berardi is another take on the body-con mini. What makes this one fresh is the sporty detailing . The white/grey/blue color palette is versatile and season-less, and the hourglass shape the blue and white shapes make is extremely flattering, because it tricks the eye and makes it seem like you have a 5 inch waist. Louise Goldin does amazing, amazing things with knits. The dress is knit, the lacey trim is knit, the sheer part of the bodice is knit. I love that she takes a traditionally boring, clunky fabric and makes it young and sexy.

Jasmine Di Milo, Jasmine Di Milo, Mary Katrantzou: This Jasmine Di Milo dress reminds me of that leather dress Angelina Jolie wore on the Inglorious Bastards press tour, but somehow even vampier. The leather, mixed with the blood red hue, is totally giving me a vampire vixen vibe (or maybe I've just been watching too much True Blood), and the pockets at the hip give it a touch of casual chic. I love, love, love the asymmetrical, organic cut of this second Jasmine Di Milo dress, but what makes it even better is the abstract, digital, rocky print. Very fierce. As is the zebra-esque print on this Mary Katrantzou dress. The print itself is a big statement-maker, and then you add the gorgeous, fan-like pleating at the bodice, and it's a showstopper.

Kinder Aggugini, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren: I kinda wish the sleeves on this Kinder Aggugini dress weren't there, but the print totally makes up for it. It's one part tribal, one part Greco-Roman, and one part totally amazing. The color combinations of the coral, black and white is fun, but versatile, and the bondage-esque banding at the bodice takes the look from sweet to sexy, which is rare for a maxi-dress. The crystal-encrusted, destroyed jeans at Ralph Lauren are insanely amazing. I mean, you'd probably get two wears out of them, but they're so sick I wouldn't even feel bad about that. And as for this gown, I'd just like to say that whoever said I was crazy for saying the '90s are coming back owes me $20. That's all.

Naeem Khan, Calvin Klein, Phi: There weren't as many gowns as usual at Naeem Khan, but the few that were there totally made up for it. Take the spiderweb, gothic romance of this gown. The sheer overlay is very on-trend, adds a touch of opulence, and a ton of sex appeal. Can't you just see this moving down a red carpet? I die. I'm not usually a fan of Calvin Klein, but even I have to love this shift. The print is minimalist, but organic, and the geometric volume at the hips is just dramatic enough for impact while still being flattering. I know the leggings/pants at Phi present some logistical issues for day to day life, but seriously, how insane are those? In both a good and a bad way, I suppose.

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