Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Cavalli, MAC Style Black, and Random Awesomeness

I know a lot of people are torn about MAC's new Style Black collection, or they think it's too goth/emo/punk or whatever, but honestly, I'm dying over it. Dying. DYING. A collection all crazy smokey eyes? You know I'm all over it. That dark lipstick/lip gloss? Not so much.

MAC Intense Black Grease Paintstick, $17.50 at, MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Gilt by Association, $19.50 at I've avoided black eyeliner for a long, long time. I feel like when you're as naturally pale as I am (which is PALE), black can look really harsh and even unflattering. But at the same time, I've always wanted to be able to pull off the Kate Moss, smudgy, rock and roll black eyeliner look, and I've been playing around with it lately, and I think...I think I can pull it off. Just barely. We'll see. But for my, um, research, I'm thinking that I'm going to need either (or both) of the Grease Painstick or Gilt by Association. I'd use the Grease Paintstick as a liner, because I've heard that it can be smudgy, but it dries to a powdery finish super, super fast. What I really like about it is that it's definitely black, but it has just a hint of purple sparkle to warm it up and make it interesting, and if you paired it with a deep purple shadow...OMG. Gorgeous. As for Gilt by Association, it's the top swatch, and it seems like a black based with lots and lots of gold glitter that comes across as a really dirty, antiqued gold. It actually reminds me of a look I saw on that new CW show, The Beautiful Life (don't judge me, it's hilariously terrible) that's basically intense black liner and crazy lashes, so when your eyes are open all you see is black, but then the entire lid is packed with a dirty metallic, which makes it a little less heavy and very edgy-glam. It's dark enough to contour and have an impact, but it's so unexpectedly hot. Ugh. I want them both.

Rebecca Minkoff Croc Embossed Nikki Hobo, $595 at, Ray-Ban Aviators, $129 at This bag is killing me. You guys know that I love the plain version of this Nikki hobo, and that I love patent leather and croc-embossing and when you put all those things together, well, it's just plain mean. The casual vibe of the slouchy shape against the polished glamor of the patent crocodile is the perfect contrast that makes this bag work for day or nighttime. And it's such a statement, even in black, that it would bring just a basic white tee and jeans to a total other level. I can pretend that I don't need it, but let's be honest, at some point I'm going to buy this bag. That is all (I miss 30 Rock...). I resisted these Ray-Ban aviators for so long. I mean, everybody has them, and they're aviators, so I assumed that they'd look terrible on me. But...I tried them on...and they're hot. They even work on round, forehead-less faces!!! If you're like me and have a roundy face, you know it's impossible to find flattering aviators, but somehow Ray-Ban makes it work. They need to stop making such damn flattering sunglasses. It's becoming a problem. And the fact that these glasses were all over Top Gun (love pre-crazy Tom Cruise) isn't helping at all.

Just Cavalli: I'm not historically a Cavalli fan, but this Courtney Love, /'90s glam-grunge Just Cavalli collection is really working for me. The '90s are coming back in a big way, and this is a vision of that era I can actually buy into. There was lots of lingerie inspiration, with sheer slips layered over nighttime pieces like sequin shifts, or over more hipster pieces like slogan tees, lots of sheer tops with bras peeking through (I feel like this trend has been brewing for awhile now, and that it might finally be acceptable to wear in public), and lace and sheer paneling on little body-con minis. It feels like a culmination of a lot last season's trends, but it also feels like it's moving in a fresh direction. Major props to Cavalli. And I would sell my kidneys (at this point I have what, -30 kidneys?) for that last green dress.

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