Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashonista Files: Who What Wear

I don't know how many of you have been to the Who What Wear site, but if you haven't you really should. They are by far one of my favorite blogs and I am so happy that they just released their first book. The web site is great at letting you see how to create an outfit that looks like it just came off the runway (but for a fraction of the price!), see current trends that fashionable celebs are sporting à la moment, and tips and tricks for styling an outfit. Besides the main page of the blog, there's also a "tv" portion where there are quick clips on how to put certain looks together, an online "closet" that links you to other sites where you can purchase said items, and other funky things like that. Co-creators Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power have really done a wonderful job of putting this book together. While some of the outfits in the book will obviously become passé in the next year or two, the tips and tricks they give are timeless. I have to say that out of all the books I've gone through for this series, this is definitely one of my favs.

The book is set up so that you can go through stages, so that eventually you will become confident enough to not need the book for guidelines and go out into the wild on your own. It is very comprehensible and actually (truly!) makes it easy for every size and shape (not like your typical magazine bs). And you know these ladies have to be good when their release party was completely star studded with some very fashionable ladies. Check it out on Amazon and head over to their site:

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