Friday, September 4, 2009

New Music No Day

With a great liberal arts education should come, well, a great cultural education as well. Recently there was a concert at my school that showcased Down, Down, Down, As Tall As Lions, and the Cold War Kids. Now I know that out of this lineup the CWK are the most famous, but I have to tell you guys that As Tall As Lions is one of my new favorite bands. They're really good and they've actually been around for awhile (they have three albums already). If you're into alternative/rock listen to them for a bit, I promise you'll like at least one song (they're are soooo many to listen to). You should check them out. I highly recommend "We's Been Waitin" and pretty much everything else.

P.S. It doesn't help that the lead singer slightly resembles a tv actor I might just have a crush on. And the rest of the band is really crazy cool too. After their show they came down into the crowd and ran around with us for a bit. They're pretty nice guys, so help them out and buy their music!

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