Friday, September 4, 2009

Fashonista Files: Influence

So I know I told you guys I would be coming back to continue with my series on fashion book reviews. And I have! (Even though it's been like five days or something since the last post. Sorry! What can I say, I've been really busy. College, you know?) Anyway. My next book to review has actually already been out for awhile, but it fits the subject so I'll talk about it nonetheless.

You may know them from Full House, but I try to help their image out by forgetting all about those days and focus on the fashion they are so passionate about now. I mean, if I was worth a few billion, why not start a fashion empire as well? So Mary-Kate and Ashley (Olsen, if you haven't caught onto that fact by now) put together a book of interviews they did with members of the fashion world that influence them on a daily basis with their clothing choices. The interviews are mixed together with a bunch of photographs and all is assembled in an extremely large coffee table book. It's fun and inspiring and there are some entertaining conversations that go on. Plus, you get to go inside the heads of some of fashion's most important people (minus Anna Wintour). Again, always cheapest on Amazon. (There's also a video interview of the twins on the Amazon site if you want to check that out too.)

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