Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 Emmy Red Carpet Fashion Round-Up

I'm not going to lie, the Emmys aren't exactly the red carpet gown orgasm of the Oscars, but it's the middle of September, and I'm bored, so I'm going to cover them anyways. A little glamor never hurt anyone, right? And can I just say how happy I am that Pushing Daisies won something? Take that, stupid ABC execs. I'm not bitter about it's cancellation at all. Not even a little...

The Awesome:

Kate Walsh and Lindsay Price, both in J. Mendel, Mila Kunis in Monique Lhuillier: I'm so ecstatic that Kate Walsh is wearing that J. Mendel gown!!! It's like the universe heard my whining last week! Even though Kate Walsh was on that extreme train-wreck of a supremely disappointing show, I can't hold it against her here. She looks fab. And Lindsay Price is wearing J. Mendel too! Finally. I know a lot of people hated this dress, and I agree that the train is a little sloppy, but overall I think she looks fantastic. The color is so gorgeous, the draping is impeccable, and I die for the detail at the bodice. I think she made a really bold red carpet choice, but I think she's pulling it off. The same goes for Mila Kunis. Bordeaux chiffon sounds like a terrible idea, but here it comes across as bad-ass ballerina instead of '80s tacky. The neckline is insanely chic (and on-trend with the sheer straps!), and the deconstructed nature of the skirt is the perfect balance to the sweetness of all that tulle.

Mary Louise Parker, Olivia Wilde in Marchesa, Rose Byrne in Valentino: Weeds is one of those shows that I feel like I would like, but never get around to watching. So I like Mary Louise Parker by proxy, I guess. I really love that she went for a mini dress on the red carpet, because I feel like you can pull that off at the Emmys. The purple is a great, flattering statement, the one-shoulder cut is very on-trend, and the bow detail adds a little bit of polish. Olivia Wilde's Marchesa got a lot of hate yesterday, but I still love it. Yes, it's a little ice-skater princess meets Swan Lake (can't escape the Bjorn Oscars reference), but I think with her inherent edginess, it works. I can't see it working on anyone else, and the nude paneling is really stunning. Rose Byrne's Valentino is killing me. The nude shade is so understated, but is perfect against the whirlpool-esque placement of the crystal detailing. The simplicity is stunning.

January Jones in Versace, Jennifer Carpenter in Zuhair Murad, Ginnifer Goodwin in YSL: I absolutely love that January Jones didn't go '50s retro for the red carpet. The Art Deco-inspired number is insane. The peplum-esque detail at the waist is very on-trend, as is the nude, geometric detailing on the bodice, but with the classic mermaid skirt, none of that comes across as overly fashion forward. All I know about Jennifer Carpenter is that she's on/married to the star of Dexter, but I think I love her. This is one of my top three dresses of the night. That contrast beading is so, so, so flattering in the way it wraps around her frame, and it has a bit of a Hollywood glam vibe that's modernized nicely by the one-shoulder cut and flower detail. This gown manages to be chic, modern, and statement-making all at the same time. Ginnifer Goodwin is in another of my favorite gowns from yesterday (if she'd had just a little more eye makeup, it'd be my fav overall look). This YSL gown is perfect. The fuschia hue is straight off the runways, and the simple cut doesn't take away from the impact of the fabric's color. The dramatic sweetheart neckline is the right mix of sexy and sweet, and the cutaway/layered lines of the skirt add just enough movement and drama.

The Interesting:

Elisabeth Moss in Reem Acra, Chloe Sevigny in Isaac Mizrahi, Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier: I feel like Elisabeth Moss is adorable, but this dress is...not. First of all, that color is flattering on no one, and it's not her fault, but her stylist needs to pick a fabric that doesn't get insanely wrinkled in the 10 minute limo ride. But on top of all that, it adds 20 pounds to her frame, the necklace and one-shoulder cut are totally clashing, and it's just boring. I see where Chloe Sevigny is going with this, and I think in a solid fabric I'd love it, but in the polka dot it's a little '90s prom, especially with the shiny yellow lining. I actually really like Drew's dress (the detail on that skirt is GORGEOUS), I think she looks radiant, and she's pulling off the rosey-nude nicely. I just wish she had something extra, some jewelry, a belt, something, because that's a large expanse of, well, nude.

Heidi Klum in Marchesa, Tina Fey in Gucci, Jenna Fischer in Reem Acra: I love how all the black dresses accidentally ended up down here together. Heidi Klum looks insane, no surprise, and I fully support the pregnant goddess look, but I think if you're that pregnant, maybe a body-con fishtail gown isn't the best idea. It's just a lot of pregnant. I can't hold anything against Tina Fey every because she kind of my idol and seems like she would be hilariously awesome just to hang out with, but...she always does basic black. She always looks good, but maybe a color next time? Even navy would be nice. And is it just me, or is the fit around the torso a little off? Jenna Fischer is on my favorite show of all time, and half of my favorite TV couple ever, so I have nothing but love for her. Which is why I want her to dress her best. And this is not her best. It's too long, it's smooshing her boobs, and it's a little prom-ish for the red carpet. Next time Jenna, just call me and we can work something out.

Blake Lively in Versace and Leighton Meester in Bottega Veneta: As for the Gossip Girl duo, I have mixed feelings. Leighton Meester's Bottega Veneta was a bold, bold choice, and she's almost pulling it out. The skirt is just a tad too big for her, and all that volume is overwhelming her frame. But the hair and makeup are inspired, and I even like the crazy detail at the shoulders. Girl has impeccable taste. This was my favorite look of the night. Blake Lively on the other I mean, you do back, boobs, or legs, not all three at the same time. You can literally see the little red string holding her skirt together. And even if you're just doing boobs or legs, you don't do that much boob or leg at any time! This is indecent on so many levels. And don't even get me started on her Lara Croft braid and prematurely aging makeup. Ugh.

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