Monday, September 14, 2009

I Know I Promised, But...

There's going to be more Fashion Week coverage tomorrow, I promise, I just didn't have time tonight to sort through the 150 looks I bookmarked over the weekend. It's been what, three, four days of fashion week, and I already have 150 looks. This needs to stop. Anyways, to tide you guys over till tomorrow, I did exactly what I promised I wouldn't do again for awhile: a shopping round-up with lots of party dresses! Yay! Oh, and there's one sweater. And a tank top. And a necklace. See, it's not that bad this time!

Anna Sui for Target Wide Striped Cardigan in Cream/Heather Grey, $49.99 at, Kenneth Jay Lane Key Necklace, $110 at, VPL Breaker Tank, $175 at I think it's extremely ironic that the only thing I want from the Anna Sui for Target collaboration is a drapey sweater. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of cute little dresses, but the only thing that I have to have (and am probably not going to get, since I officially have no way to get to Target), is this striped sweater. First off all, it's got chunky grey and white stripes, and if it's grey, I'm all over it. And then you factor in the coziness of the hood and the drapey wrap potential of the asymmetrical front, and you've got the perfect sweater, warm and cuddly, but not bulky because of the thin knit. I think I've explained my obsession with keys before on the blog, but if I haven't, um, I love keys. And I love pendant necklaces, and I really love layered chains. There's something so interesting about the dynamic of an antique, Victorian-esque key against the edgy modernness of a chain. I know I've posted this tank on the blog about 10 times, but now it comes in grey and black!!! I'm dying on the inside. The color palette is really working for me, because the darker hues make it look a little less like lingerie, but the black trim has a bit of a bondage vibe...I can't even explain it. Love love love.

Foley + Corinna Beaded Tank Dress, $323 at, Alice + Olivia Sequin Dress with Keyhole Back, $495 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs Nadja Jersey Dress, $328 at I'm like a magpie. If it has sparkles, I'm all over it. Here we've got two very different types of sparkly mini dresses (or at least, as different as sparkly mini dresses can get). This first dress has a serious flapper vibe, with the loose tank fit and Art Deco-ish pattern. The sheer inlay at the neckline and the uber-mini length keep it modern, so instead of looking costumey you get just a hint of Great Gatsby. This second dress is more in the body-con mini, Balmain-inspired vein. The high neckline is perfectly balanced by the fitted waist and short skirt, the keyhole in the back adds a bit of extra drama, and it comes in a gorgeously unexpected shade of forest green. This last dress is Marc by Marc, so it's automatically amazing. There's something so post-modern romantic about it. The dark palette has an almost Victorian somberness, and then the ruffles add a touch of unexpected femininity, and then you get to the bustier detail at the neckline, which brings it all back to the present.

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