Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surprise! Not really.

I'm actually all caught up on Milan Fashion Week. It's weird. I keep clicking over to style.com and not finding anything new. But I decided to take full advantage of my mini-break and do some online shopping (I know, I'm so productive).

Markus Lupfer Lost T-shirt, $155.01 at asos.com, Costume Dept. Global Fashion Currency Tee, $91.19 at asos.com, Bird by Juicy Couture Cropped Leather Jacket, $998 at juicycouture.com: I'm not a slogan-tee fan at all. I think I own one, and it's from Marc by Marc and has 'London' written all over it, so that doesn't count. I like this 'lost' tee because of the black and white contrast, which is very simple but very graphic, and the embroidery adds a nice, crafty touch. And if the 'lost' message is a little too Catcher in the Rye for you, it also comes in 'found.' Hehe. I'd totally wear this tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt and piles of bangles. This currency tee makes me giggle...it's like the YSL logo...but with monetary symbols, a witty little jab at the fashion industry. I'd contrast the boyish fit with a pair of slim, cropped trousers. This Bird by Juicy Couture jacket is python embossed goat suede. I mean, wow. Which makes this jacket fuzzy, exotic, leather, and motorcycle, all rolled up into one. That's a lovely little package. On top of that, the fit is perfect--it hits at the perfect spot on the waist--the sleeves are just short enough, and the folded collar adds a touch of drama. Also, I love that it's in off-white, which is really refreshing for a leather motorcycle jacket. Props to Juicy.

Madison Harding Cyndi Boot, $352 at blueandcream.com, Stella McCartney Chain-detail Hobo Bag, $1,145 at net-a-porter.com, Twelth Street by Cynthia Vincent Cowl Back Neck, $249 at shopbop.com: I hate shooties (shoe-booties) and ankle boots, and any sort of heavy shoe that hits just above the ankle. I think they're clunky and ugly and unflattering. But these boots...these boots have me rethinking that position. There's something about the combination of that thick sole, the juxtaposition of textures, the layered rows of straps and buckles that's edgy and hardcore, but at the same time very, very chic. It hits just far enough above the ankle to give the leg a more flattering shape, and I even love the chunky heel--I think it balances out the heaviness of the shoe nicely. A stiletto heel would look totally out of place. I love chains. I love giant black bags. Therefore, according to my mad math skills, I love this Stella McCartney bag. It's a leather substitute, so no cows went into the making of this hobo, and it's the perfect marriage of simple and trendy. I really like the way that the chain handles continue down the side of the bag. It adds a ton of visual interest and just a little extra edge. Last, but not least, this Cynthia Vincent dress has me re-thinking my hatred of all things cowl-neck related (they just look droopy!). I think the band of metal studs and beads mitigates the old lady feel of the cowl nicely, and it's just a little more unexpected and a little fresher when the cowl is in the back instead of the front, right?

Image Source:
Markus Lupfer tee: asos.com, Costume Dept. tee: asos.com, Madison Harding boot: blueandcream.com, Stella McCartney bag: net-a-porter.com, Juicy Couture jacket: juicycouture.com, Cynthia Vincent dress: shopbop.com

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