Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Wants

Finals.  Are.  OVERRRRRR.  I can taste the freedom.  I want to dance around and be ridiculous.  But since I'm so tired, I'll probably just end up napping.  Anyways, here's so pretty stuff for everyone who's not done with finals to enjoy.

ALICE by Temperley Metallic Mini Atlas Dress, $350 at, Patterson J. Kincaid Lola Sacred Beetle Print Tank, $78 at, Of Two Minds Brando Jacket, $624 at  How adorable is that Temperley dress?  It's ruched jersey, so it's crazy flattering, and the silhouette itself will give anyone an hourglass silhouette, by hugging the hips, drawing the eyes to the waist, and camouflaging a large chest while making a smaller chest look bigger.  Win-win-win.  The metallic gold/burgundy print is so Dynasty high drama, but against the clean lines of the dress it works.  That tank has tiny beetles on it!  Beetles!  So cute.  I like that it's such a basic shape and color, but the tiny beetle print gives it a twist of quirkiness that makes it unique.  Plus it has a slit up the back, so it's a little on the sexy side.  I want this jacket.  Want.  It's twill on the outside, which is a little more practical than leather, but it's shearling on the inside, which is nice and warm and fuzzy.  Perfect for winter!  And I love the drama of that exposed collar.

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