Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm alive!  It was questionable there for a while.  Anyways, I thought I'd post some pics of this lovely J. Crew sweater I got on Black Friday.  I think it was about $80 down from $130?  It's a marled (twisted strands of black and white) wool cardigan with a shawl collar and zipper pockets.  I didn't want to buy it.  But it was just so cute and cozy and...the sweater made me do it.

The way I would style it if weather wasn't such a constraint here (20 degrees??? REALLY?), would be one of three ways: over a pretty, girly dress as a way to winterize it, with boots and jeans and a flirty, feminine top, or over a fitted pencil skirt (like my red American Apparel pencil skirt...ooooh).  My problem with longer cardigans like these is that I have wider hips and a smaller waist, and these can tend to swallow your waist and make it look the same size as your hips.  That's why I like to wear something fitted under the sweater, especially something like a pencil skirt, which immediately draws the eye to your waist.

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