Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ode to Denim

I am not happy with Blogger right now.  It's not letting me upload pictures (Grrrrr) and I wanted to show all of you the pretty jeans I got today, but I guess I'll just link to the picture instead.  I really need to move to Wordpress already.  Anyways, I went out today on a mission.  I'm in San Francisco until Thursday, and in the middle of possibly the best few blocks of shopping ever, so it seemed like the perfect time to pick up the new pair of jeans that I've been dying for.  I've been wearing my pair of dark, straight leg J Brand jeans to pieces--literally--and I wanted another pair of slim leg, dark wash, high rise jeans, mainly to wear tucked into boots.

Usually for me jeans shopping is borderline traumatizing.  I have a very hourglassy figure, so it's hard to find jeans that fit my thinner legs and wider hips, so I usually end up with something a little too small in the hips and a little too big in the thigh.  Boo.  It's like finding the pair of jeans that fits the least badly.  But today I literally put on this one pair of jeans and it was perfect.  I actually did a little dance in the Saks fitting room. 

I got these 7 For All Mankind High-waist Gwenevere jeans in Antoinette Darling.  They are amazing.  It's a dark, uniform wash skinny jean in a thick but very, very stretchy denim with a pretty high-rise.  I want to write an ode to these jeans.  Here's the list of reasons why I love them:

1.  The dark wash is really flattering.  It makes your legs look longer and leaner, and feels a lot fancier than a lighter wash.  The 7 For All Mankind squiggle on the back pocket is the same color as the jeans, which I like, because it feels a lot cleaner than that giant A in like pink thread.  The only bit of decoration is some contrast stitching at the waist and pockets.

2.  The high-waist is awesome.  All my body fat goes to my hips, so even if a pair of jeans is too big on me, if it cuts across my hips it gives me automatic muffintop.  Even though I don't naturally have one.  So. Annoying.  But this pair hits above the top of my hips, creating a smooth line down my torso.  I know a high-rise sounds bulky under a top, but it's actually really slimming--like a pair of Spanx.  It ironically makes me look thinner than my lower-rise jeans.  YES.

3.  The fabric.  It feels like a pair of jeggings but it's as thick as a regular pair of jeans.  It's a 10.5 oz denim, which is pretty thick, but it's really high-stretch, which means that it doesn't stretch out and it conforms to your body perfect.  I could run up 20 flights of stairs in these no problem.  They feel like pajamas.  It's AMAZING.

I didn't realize how uncomfortable all my other jeans were until I tried these on.  I literally wore them out of the store.  And no, 7 didn't pay me to write these.  I just really, really like these jeans and really recommend them to anyone who wants a flattering pair of skinny jeans that's actually comfy.  And trust me, they look better in real life than in the pictures

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