Monday, December 6, 2010

Room Redecoration Thoughts?

For this upcoming summer and then next spring semester (I'm going to Spain next fall!  Woooooooot), I'm going to be living in an apartment--which is actually a house but whatever--off campus.  Which means that I get to paint my room and buy pretty furniture and use a ridiculous amount of Christmas lights as real lighting.

Now, for the walls I'm thinking a blush hue, pretty much a warm off-white with a bit of a pink twist.  It's warmer than actual white but it's still a little girly and fun.  I'm loving Farrow & Ball paint in Middleton Pink and Calamine.  Those aren't really realistic on a price level, but they are so. pretty.  Especially Middleton Pink with that grey floor...oof.

I want to do white, black lacquer, and some sort of rich purple as accent colors.  I'm going for a post-baroque, Marie Antoinette meets modern sort of vibe.  Here are some of my inspiration images, straight from the late and great Domino Magazine.

My plan as far as furniture goes it to grab a bunch of second hand stuff either from yard sales or other students, and then spray paint it all in black lacquer spray paint (or perhaps that purple for one?).  But if I had an endless budget, I'd pick up some mirrored pieces, like this Pier 1 Hayworth 4-Drawer Chest, $549.95 at  I love mirrored furniture.  To jazz up whatever furniture I end up getting, I want to get some of these Anthropologie drawer pulls.

I'll probably end up with some cheap bed frame, but I'm definitely getting a headboard decal to put behind it.  I like this decal, $26 at, because it comes in a variety of sizes and colors and has a great Baroque vibe to it.  And of course there will be some giant chandelier decals involved, like this one for $34.99 from

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