Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, Net-A-Porter

Sometimes the things Net-A-Porter has in stock are too hilarious not to be blogged about.  A Gucci coin purse shaped like a mouse?  Lanvin playing cards?  See some of the more hilarious ones below.

Markus Lupfer Dressage Merino Wool Sweater, $490 at, Joseph Petra Silk-satin Tiered Mini Skirt, $275 at Yes, I do just like this sweater because it has a pony on it.  A sequined 'dressage' pony (even though that pony has nothing to do with dressage) is exactly the kind of thing I would plaster on a plain sweater and wear when I was feeling quirky.  It's kind of weird, but in a glam, Zooey Deschanel kind of way, no?  I LOVE THIS SKIRT.  It's like a luxe version of a crinoline, and so flouncy and perfect for holiday parties in that deep red hue.  That skirt with a fitted black tank, a statement necklace, and some black platforms = holiday perfection.

Lanvin Faces Playing Cards, $85 at, Lanvin Doll 14 Metal Keyfob, $185 at Oh, Lanvin.  You kill me with your price tags, but you get me with your adorable trinkets.  I might actually enjoy card games if my cards looked like this.  They have little French-looking faces!  And accessories on the backs!  I die.  This key chain is ridiculously overpriced, yes, but it has little Moulin Rouge girls sitting on it.  I mean, if you literally have money to burn this is a pretty adorable way to do it.

Gucci Leather and Canvas Mouse Purse, $280 at And sometimes Net-A-Porter can get a little silly.  A Gucci mouse coin purse?  For almost $300?  Really now?  For $300 I could get another pair of Fryes.  Hmm.  Fryes vs. a purse shaped like a mouse that couldn't even hold my cell phone.  Hm...that's a hard one.

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