Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Oh, Karl.  You know that I love everything you do, and then you have to go and do a Byzantine Empire inspired pre-fall collection.  I am such a little history nerd.  I'm dying here.  It's all so opulent and over the top in the detailing, but done in a very wearable way (if you have $50,000 to play with).

This first look is so working girl chic!  The fitted black silhouette makes it versatile and easy to wear, but the gold accents to it to a whole new level of luxurious.  It's almost Romanov-chic.  The same goes for this second look, with it's '60s inspired silhouette.  The lines are very simple, but the materials used (leather skirt!  I die), the gold accents, and the glam bib necklace give it a modern, rock and roll princess sort of feel.

I bet Diane Kruger will wear this purple dress on the red carpet.  I'm almost positive of it.  The pattern on the bodice reminds me of a Klimpt painting, but the light pleating is so Jane Austen.  And I love me that embellished flat sandal.  This last dress is like the best Cleopatra Halloween costume EVER, except actually really chic and wearable.  The hair totally puts it over the top.  I need these gold, tiara-like headbands.  Need.  They make any updo look awesome and unique.

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