Thursday, December 16, 2010

Water for Elephants

I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS MOVIE.  Well, I'm really a little torn because I absolutely adore the book (EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT--can you tell how excited I am from the excessive use of capital letters?) and whenever you love a book too much the movie is always a letdown.  But I'm remaining optimistic.

Here's the trailer that just came out:

I love the vibe of the movie, all that twisted '30s glamour.  And what I love the most?  The jewelry.  I heart all of that art deco jewelry.  I may have just spent the last half an hour searching for art deco-esque jewelry.  Here are some pretty options.

Low Luv x Erin Wasson Crystal Stud Earrings, $58 at,  DANNIJO Alanza Earrings, $128 at Okay, so these first earrings aren't really all that art deco-y but they are really cool.  I love the contrast between the pretty nature of the crystal and the very distressed backing--it feels so primal.  This second pair is much more classic art deco.  The chains of crystals would be so gorgeous draping across your neck, and the way that they catch the light is so beautiful.

Kenneth Jay Lane Deco Ring, $209 at, Alexis Bittar Neo-Deco Ring, $275 at Both of these rings are similar prices and have deco in the name, but I like how they both manage to have such different vibes.  The one on the left is very formal and cocktail-y (doesn't the shape remind you of the Chrysler building?) whereas the one on the right is much more punk and edgy with the textured metal and the giant, milky stones.  It's so hard to choose.  Of course, you could always rock one on each hand a la Olsen twins.

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  1. Wow I've never heard of it before, but it looks shot beautifully. I'm such a fan of retro jewels myself. Great picks!



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