Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Revlon All Fired Up

Disclaimer: I am not a red nail polish person.  I can't remember the last time that I wore red nail polish on my fingers (it occasionally appears on my toes).  I tend to associate red with hyper-girly retro older ladyness for some reason.  I waver between vampy purples, blackened reds, and corals about 99% of the time.  But I was gifted Revlon's All Fired Up polish this weekend by a lovely secret Santa, and I was about due for a manicure, and for some reason this polish got me.  I was just staring at it, having an intense 5 minute debate with myself about red polish (yes, this is how I spend my time during finals) and then I realized--I do the retro-lady cat eye thing every single day.  Red polish kind of goes with that, no?  So I did it.

All Fired Up is about $3 at the drugstore.  It's a lovely tomato red--slight orange undertones, but mostly neutral.  It's just a very basic, classic diva sort of red.  I love that it has warm undertones.  Almost all of the reds I see have blue undertones, which just make them feel very updated to me for some reason.  This is nice and warm and flattering.

Please excuse my crappy manicure skills.  This photo is very true to life about the color.

I just realized that I totally cut if off in this picture, but Revlon's reissuing some of its older shades in bottles with 'Revlon' in cute retro script (you can kind of see it here).  I can't believe I forgot about how good Revlon polish is.  It's probably my favorite drugstore polish--even better than Sally Hansen.  It's ridiculously cheap, all the colors I've tried go on opaque in one or two coats, and the wear time is great.  I did two coats of All Fired Up, but I could have gotten away with one.  The brush is normal, a little on the small side but easy to work with, and I had no issues with the formula.

Awkward Chic rating: A.  I'm really surprisingly happy with this.  The formula and packaging are great, the color is great, and it's really cheering me up in the middle of this Boston monsoon.

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